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Country Artist Genre

USAS'aint America80s Hard Rock
germanyS.A.D.O.80s Hard Rock
swedenS.A.YAOR /
Melodic Rock
italyS.E.X. DepartmentSleaze Glam
brazilS.H.O.T.Sleaze Glam
germanyS.I.N.80s Hard Rock
spainS.N.A.K.E80s Hard Rock
germanyS.O.S.AOR /
Melodic Rock
multipleS.U.N.80s Hard Rock
ukSAS BandAOR /
Melodic Rock
spainGsus SGInstrumental Wizards
greeceSL Theory80s Hard Rock
USASMF80s Hard Rock
denmarkSNAVSAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASSSteeleMelodic Metal
swedenSTROM80s Hard Rock
germanySTS 8 MissionMelodic Metal
USASabarettoAOR /
Melodic Rock
japanSaber TigerMelodic Metal
Melodic Rock
ukSabre Jet80s Hard Rock
USAPaul SabuAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanySabu80s Hard Rock
USASacked Out Sherry80s Hard Rock
USASacred Child80s Hard Rock
germanySacred Fight80s Hard Rock
ukSacred Heart80s Hard Rock
swedenSacred Night80s Hard Rock
USASacred Reign [CCM]Melodic Metal
USASacred Reign80s Hard Rock
germanySacred Season80s Hard Rock
canadaSacred Site80s Hard Rock
USASacred Warrior [CCM]Melodic Metal
germanySad But True80s Hard Rock
USASaddle Tramp80s Hard Rock
USASaddletrampSleaze Glam
canadaMichael SadlerPop AOR /
USASafe Haven80s Hard Rock
swedenSaffire80s Hard Rock
australiaSafireAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaSagaProg Rock
USASage80s Hard Rock
USASage80s Hard Rock
swedenSaharaAOR /
Melodic Rock
swissSahara Rain80s Hard Rock
swedenSahara Rain80s Hard Rock
USASahara SnowAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASahara Steel80s Hard Rock
USASahara80s Hard Rock
germanySahin feat. Ludvik80s Hard Rock
USASaigon Kick80s Hard Rock
ukSaigonAOR /
Melodic Rock
Melodic Rock
swedenSaint DeamonMelodic Metal
canadaSaint Eves80s Hard Rock
germanySainted Sinners80s Hard Rock
USASaints Of The Underground80s Hard Rock
italySaints Trade80s Hard Rock
canadaSaints and Sinners80s Hard Rock
ukSaints of SinSleaze Glam
USASaint80s Hard Rock
USASaker80s Hard Rock
spainJorge SalanInstrumental Wizards
USAStevie SalasInstrumental Wizards
USASalem80s Hard Rock
USASalem Ash80s Hard Rock
USASalems LottMelodic Metal
ukSalem80s Hard Rock
USASalivaModern Hard Rock
USASalty Dog80s Hard Rock
swedenSaluteAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanySalvage80s Hard Rock
USASamantha 780s Hard Rock
USARichie Sambora80s Hard Rock
USASammy Hagar and The Circle80s Hard Rock
argentinaSamson80s Hard Rock
ukSamsonMelodic Metal
swedenJakob Samuel80s Hard Rock
swedenSanchez80s Hard Rock
swedenSand and GoldAOR /
Melodic Rock
spainSandalinasMelodic Metal
swedenPete SandbergAOR /
Melodic Rock
italySandnessSleaze Glam
USASandra Dee80s Hard Rock
spainSangre AzulAOR /
Melodic Rock
sloveniaSank Rock80s Hard Rock
ukSanta Ana WindsAOR /
Melodic Rock
finlandSanta CruzSleaze Glam
canadaSantersAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARalph SantollaInstrumental Wizards
canadaSapphire CitySouthern Rock
swedenSapphire EyesAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanySara Sucks80s Hard Rock
USABlues SaracenoInstrumental Wizards
ukSaracenProg Rock
taiwanSarahAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukSarajevo80s Hard Rock
canadaSarasin A.D.80s Hard Rock
canadaSarasinMelodic Metal
swedenSarayasign80s Hard Rock
USASaraya80s Hard Rock
swissSardonyx80s Hard Rock
germanySargant Fury80s Hard Rock
USASarge80s Hard Rock
germanySarisAOR /
Melodic Rock
italyEnrico SarziAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaSassy ScarletSleaze Glam
Melodic Rock
argentinaSatan DealersSleaze Glam
USASatan Takes a HolidaySleaze Glam
ukSatanic Rites80s Hard Rock
USASatanicide80s Hard Rock
denmarkSateriaSleaze Glam
norwaySatinAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenSator80s Hard Rock
USAJoe SatrianiInstrumental Wizards
swissSatrox80s Hard Rock
italySaturday Overdose80s Hard Rock
denmarkSavage AffairAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASavage RoseSleaze Glam
USASavageMelodic Metal
ukSavannah Nix80s Hard Rock
USASavannahAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASavatageMelodic Metal
USASave the WorldAOR /
Melodic Rock
italySavers [CCM]Melodic Metal
USASaving AbelModern Hard Rock
USASavino [CCM]80s Hard Rock
ukSaxonMelodic Metal
netherlandsSay ColourAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaPhilip Sayce80s Hard Rock
swedenSayitPop AOR /
ukDavid A SaylorAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukSayAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenThe Scams80s Hard Rock
swedenScamAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenScandal CircusModern Hard Rock
USAScandal80s Hard Rock
portugalScar For Life80s Hard Rock
germanyScaramoucheProg Rock
USAChristian Scarborough80s Hard Rock
germanyScarcrow80s Hard Rock
USAScarecrow80s Hard Rock
USAScarlet80s Hard Rock
USAScarlet80s Hard Rock
USAScarlet Blue80s Hard Rock
USAScarlet Bride80s Hard Rock
USAScarlet HazeMelodic Metal
USAScarlet Rayne [CCM]Prog Rock
ukScarlet Rebels80s Hard Rock
USAScarlet Red [CCM]80s Hard Rock
germanyScarlet RoseAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARichie ScarletSleaze Glam
germanyScarlettAOR /
Melodic Rock
peruScarlett80s Hard Rock
USAScarlett GypsySleaze Glam
USAScarlett and BlackAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAScarlett80s Hard Rock
australiaScarlet80s Hard Rock
belgiumScarved80s Hard Rock
USAScary HairyProg Rock
USAScary Monster80s Hard Rock
USAScatter Creek80s Hard Rock
USAThe Scent80s Hard Rock
germanyJan SchabergAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAJason ScheffPop AOR /
germanySchenker / Barden Acoustic Project80s Hard Rock
germanyMichael Schenker80s Hard Rock
USAScherer/BattenAOR /
Melodic Rock
swissAngi SchiliroInstrumental Wizards
swedenSchizophrenic Circus80s Hard Rock
USAJohn Schlitt [CCM]80s Hard Rock
denmarkTorben SchmidtAOR /
Melodic Rock
USANeal SchonInstrumental Wizards
USASchoolboy Crush80s Hard Rock
USASchpaybo80s Hard Rock
canadaSchriek80s Hard Rock
USASchroeder80s Hard Rock
austriaSchubert In Rock80s Hard Rock
austriaSchubert80s Hard Rock
USAClint SchulerAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAGary Schutt80s Hard Rock
canadaEddie SchwartzAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanySiggi SchwarzInstrumental Wizards
USAThe Science Fiction IdolsSleaze Glam
USAMichael SciutoAOR /
Melodic Rock
USATony SciutoAOR /
Melodic Rock
icelandScobie80s Hard Rock
USAScorcher80s Hard Rock
USAThe ScoreAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAScorpio Rising80s Hard Rock
USAScorpion Child80s Hard Rock
germanyScorpions80s Hard Rock
USAScott Allen ProjectInstrumental Wizards
canadaScott Stewart and the Other SidePop AOR /
USAScott Weiland and The Wildabouts80s Hard Rock
norwayScott and SteelPop AOR /
USAJef ScottAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAScottfree80s Hard Rock
USAScraggly Jane80s Hard Rock
Melodic Rock
USAScrapple80s Hard Rock
USAScream ClanSleaze Glam
canadaScream Freedom80s Hard Rock
USAScream TakerMelodic Metal
USAScream in Eden80s Hard Rock
USAThe Scream80s Hard Rock
polandScreamaker80s Hard Rock
USAThe Screamin' Cheetah WheeliesSouthern Rock
USAThe Screamin' Lords80s Hard Rock
irelandScreaming EaglesModern Hard Rock
australiaThe Screaming Jets80s Hard Rock
USAThe Screaming Santas80s Hard Rock
austriaScreamMelodic Metal
germanyScrewball80s Hard Rock
swedenScroogeAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenScudieroMelodic Metal
USASea HagsSleaze Glam
USADan SealsPop AOR /
germanySeasons In ColorAOR /
Melodic Rock
australiaSebasrocketsSleaze Glam
germanySecond Flush80s Hard Rock
swedenSecond Heat80s Hard Rock
USASecond SelfSleaze Glam
italySecond SightAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanySecond WayAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASecond Wind80s Hard Rock
italySecret AllianceMelodic Metal
norwaySecret ChapterMelodic Metal
USASecret SmileAOR /
Melodic Rock
italySecret SphereMelodic Metal
USASecrets of Levitation80s Hard Rock
spainSecretAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASect. 880s Hard Rock
USADara SedakaPop AOR /
franceSedonaPop AOR /
USASedona80s Hard Rock
USASeduceSleaze Glam
USASeductive Luck80s Hard Rock
USASee No Evil80s Hard Rock
scotlandSeeing RedAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyJay SeeverAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenSeiduCAOR /
Melodic Rock
norwaySeksSleaze Glam
USAMichael SembelloPop AOR /
swedenSencelledAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenThe Senior ManagementAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenCarl Sentance80s Hard Rock
swedenSeptember80s Hard Rock
USASequelAOR /
Melodic Rock
spainAbel SequeraProg Rock
USASequoia80s Hard Rock
USASeraiah [CCM]80s Hard Rock
USASeraphim80s Hard Rock
austriaSergeant Steel80s Hard Rock
swissSergeant80s Hard Rock
germanySerious BlackMelodic Metal
USASerious JokersAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASerious Pleasure80s Hard Rock
finlandSerpent's AimSleaze Glam
australiaSerpentine SkyAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukSerpentine80s Hard Rock
germanySerpents in ParadiseMelodic Metal
USAThe Servants80s Hard Rock
spainSeven LtdAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASeven RavensMelodic Metal
germanySeven SealsMelodic Metal
USASeven Skys80s Hard Rock
swedenSeven TearsProg Rock
USASeven Ten80s Hard Rock
swedenSeven Wishes80s Hard Rock
USASeven Year Witch80s Hard Rock
USASeven the Hardway80s Hard Rock
swedenSeventh CrystalAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASeventh ForceMelodic Metal
USASeventh KeyAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASeventh Rize80s Hard Rock
norwaySeventh Seal80s Hard Rock
canadaSeventh SonAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukSeventh Son80s Hard Rock
USASeventh Son80s Hard Rock
italySeventh Veil80s Hard Rock
swedenSeventh WonderProg Rock
USASeventhsignProg Rock
USASeventrainMelodic Metal
ukSevenAOR /
Melodic Rock
hungarySex Action80s Hard Rock
USASex SlavesSleaze Glam
canadaSex SolutionSleaze Glam
USASex and Patriotism80s Hard Rock
USASexcess80s Hard Rock
USASexdriveSleaze Glam
austriaSextigerSleaze Glam
USACharlie SextonAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASextoyzMelodic Metal
germanySextrowSleaze Glam
USASgt. Roxx80s Hard Rock
norwaySha-BoomAOR /
Melodic Rock
italyShabby TrickSleaze Glam
USAShackleford BrownSouthern Rock
denmarkShades and PetersAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukShades of Gray80s Hard Rock
denmarkRene ShadesAOR /
Melodic Rock
franceShadow Breaker80s Hard Rock
USAShadow GalleryProg Rock
USAShadow GangMelodic Metal
USAShadow KingAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAShadow Play80s Hard Rock
USAShadow WalkerProg Rock
USAShadow Wings [CCM]Melodic Metal
USAShadow and the Thrill80s Hard Rock
ukShadowlandProg Rock
ukShadowmanAOR /
Melodic Rock
austriaShadowqueen80s Hard Rock
 Shadows Fade80s Hard Rock
USAShadowModern Hard Rock
ukShaft of Steel80s Hard Rock
germanyShagreen80s Hard Rock
USAShag80s Hard Rock
USAShake City80s Hard Rock
USAShake The FaithSleaze Glam
USAShake the Faith80s Hard Rock
USAShake the FaithSleaze Glam
australiaShake the Jungle80s Hard Rock
canadaThe ShakeSleaze Glam
USAShaker RoadAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAShakey DeVille80s Hard Rock
franceShakin StreetMelodic Metal
swissShakra80s Hard Rock
USAShallow SideModern Hard Rock
brazilShamanProg Rock
USAShameless80s Hard Rock
USAShamelessSleaze Glam
USAShamSleaze Glam
USABernie ShanahanAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAShanghaiPop AOR /
swissShanghai Guns80s Hard Rock
germanyShanghai'd GutsSleaze Glam
USAShanghai80s Hard Rock
sloveniaShank Rock80s Hard Rock
belgiumShannah80s Hard Rock
franceShannon80s Hard Rock
swedenShape of The New Sun80s Hard Rock
USAShari Sweet and Stone Garden80s Hard Rock
USAShark Frenzy80s Hard Rock
USAShark Island80s Hard Rock
USASharkattack80s Hard Rock
italySharksAOR /
Melodic Rock
USADave SharmanInstrumental Wizards
germanySharon80s Hard Rock
germanySharon80s Hard Rock
swissSharp Brothers Inc.80s Hard Rock
canadaSharp EdgesPop AOR /
bermudaSharxAOR /
Melodic Rock
USACurt ShawInstrumental Wizards
USATommy ShawAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAShaw-BladesAOR /
Melodic Rock
italyShawna80s Hard Rock
canadaShayleAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAChristopher ShayneSouthern Rock
germanyShe BitesAOR /
Melodic Rock
scotlandShe Burns RedModern Hard Rock
argentinaShe-RaSleaze Glam
greeceSheWolfMelodic Metal
USAShea RoxiAOR /
Melodic Rock
finlandShearMelodic Metal
USABilly SheehanInstrumental Wizards
germanySheelaAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukSheer Greed80s Hard Rock
franceSheilaPop AOR /
USAShel Shoc80s Hard Rock
germanyShell and The OceanAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAShelterAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAShelter Red80s Hard Rock
canadaJ.T. Shelter [CCM]AOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaShelter [CCM]AOR /
Melodic Rock
USAJim ShepardAOR /
Melodic Rock
australiaThe SherbsAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaSheriffAOR /
Melodic Rock
USADerek SherinianInstrumental Wizards
USASherwood Ball 'n ChainAOR /
Melodic Rock
USABilly SherwoodProg Rock
USAChristian Shields80s Hard Rock
australiaThe ShineSleaze Glam
USAShinedownModern Hard Rock
swedenShinethAOR /
Melodic Rock
scotlandShinePop AOR /
USAShining BlackMelodic Metal
italyShining LineAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukShip Of DreamsPop AOR /
finlandShiraz Lane80s Hard Rock
swedenShiva80s Hard Rock
italyShock Rocket80s Hard Rock
USAShock Tu80s Hard Rock
ukThe Shock80s Hard Rock
USAShockwaveMelodic Metal
ukShogunMelodic Metal
USAShok ParisMelodic Metal
USAShokker80s Hard Rock
USAShokkherMelodic Metal
finlandShooting GallerySleaze Glam
USAShooting StarAOR /
Melodic Rock
australiaGlenn ShorrockPop AOR /
USAShort Circuit80s Hard Rock
USAShort Circuit80s Hard Rock
germanyShortino80s Hard Rock
 Shot GoneAOR /
Melodic Rock
australiaShotgun Alley80s Hard Rock
australiaShotgun Alley80s Hard Rock
germanyShotgun Express80s Hard Rock
swedenShotgun Messiah80s Hard Rock
australiaShotgun Mistress80s Hard Rock
denmarkShotgun Revolution80s Hard Rock
norwayShotgun Sally80s Hard Rock
USAShotgun SymphonyAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAShotgun WeddingSleaze Glam
germanyShotgun Wedding80s Hard Rock
swedenShotgunSleaze Glam
australiaShots Fired80s Hard Rock
denmarkShotz80s Hard Rock
USAShout80s Hard Rock
polandShout80s Hard Rock
USAShout [CCM]80s Hard Rock
japanShow YaAOR /
Melodic Rock
spainShowbiz80s Hard Rock
germanyShowdown80s Hard Rock
canadaShugaazer80s Hard Rock
USAShut Up And Drive80s Hard Rock
USAShy Foxx80s Hard Rock
USAShy Tiger80s Hard Rock
USAShyanneAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAShyboy80s Hard Rock
germanyShyboy80s Hard Rock
USAShyboyAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyShylock80s Hard Rock
ukShyAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukSiamMelodic Metal
USASibling RivalrySleaze Glam
USASic Vikki80s Hard Rock
italySick N BeautifulMelodic Metal
australiaSick PuppiesModern Hard Rock
USASick Six CrushSleaze Glam
canadaSick ThingsSleaze Glam
USASide Kixx80s Hard Rock
germanySideburns80s Hard Rock
swissSideburn80s Hard Rock
USASidewalkPop AOR /
swissSierraAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenEmil SigfridssonAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanySign X80s Hard Rock
ukSign of 480s Hard Rock
USASign of the Times [CCM]AOR /
Melodic Rock
USAThe Sign80s Hard Rock
ukSignal Red80s Hard Rock
USASignalAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanySign80s Hard Rock
franceSilenceAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASilence80s Hard Rock
swedenSilent CallMelodic Metal
USASilent CryAOR /
Melodic Rock
netherlandsSilent EdgeProg Rock
germanySilent ForceMelodic Metal
USASilent Hero80s Hard Rock
USASilent Knight80s Hard Rock
USASilent LapseProg Rock
USASilent MajorityPop AOR /
USASilent Rage80s Hard Rock
ukSilent RunningAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASilent Scream80s Hard Rock
hondurasSilent TigerAOR /
Melodic Rock
finlandSilent VoicesMelodic Metal
USASilent Witness80s Hard Rock
brazilSilentAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukSilicone BulletSleaze Glam
USASilicone SisterSleaze Glam
greeceSilked And Stained80s Hard Rock
USASilly ScreamSleaze Glam
USASiloam [CCM]80s Hard Rock
USASilver CondorAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASilver Cross80s Hard Rock
swissSilver Dirt80s Hard Rock
ukSilver Ginger 580s Hard Rock
italySilver Horses80s Hard Rock
italySilver LakeProg Rock
USASilver NeedleSleaze Glam
denmarkSilver Phantom80s Hard Rock
greeceSilver R.I.S.CMelodic Metal
polandSilver Samurai80s Hard Rock
swedenSilver SeraphMelodic Metal
USASilver ShadowAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASilver Star and the Jukebox AngelsSleaze Glam
USASilver Tears80s Hard Rock
swedenSilver TriggerSleaze Glam
denmarkSilveraModern Hard Rock
ukSilverhead80s Hard Rock
greeceSilverniteAOR /
Melodic Rock
norwaySilverspoon80s Hard Rock
ukSilverthorne80s Hard Rock
USASilvertide80s Hard Rock
germanySilver80s Hard Rock
canadaSlav Simanic [CCM]Instrumental Wizards
USAGene Simmons80s Hard Rock
USAPatrick SimmonsPop AOR /
canadaSimon ChaseAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaSimon SaysAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASimple Faith [CCM]Pop AOR /
italySimple Lies80s Hard Rock
austriaSimple ServiceAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASimply SlangSleaze Glam
USASin 4 SinSleaze Glam
denmarkSin City80s Hard Rock
USASin City Sinners80s Hard Rock
 Sin City80s Hard Rock
swedenSin CruzModern Hard Rock
USASin Dizzy [CCM]80s Hard Rock
germanySin/City80s Hard Rock
USASinai80s Hard Rock
USASinclair80s Hard Rock
ukSindicate80s Hard Rock
ukSinful KixxSleaze Glam
swedenSing SingAOR /
Melodic Rock
hungarySing Sing80s Hard Rock
swedenSing Sing and the CrimePop AOR /
USASing SingAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASinister ClydeSleaze Glam
USASinister MinisterAOR /
Melodic Rock
chileSinner's BloodMelodic Metal
finlandSinner's GinSleaze Glam
germanyMat SinnerMelodic Metal
germanySinnerMelodic Metal
USASinnocenceAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASinnSleaze Glam
USASinopoli80s Hard Rock
USASins Of AmericaSleaze Glam
germanySinwell80s Hard Rock
 Sir Edward80s Hard Rock
USASircle of SilenceMelodic Metal
germanySir80s Hard Rock
italySiska80s Hard Rock
USASister Double HappinessSouthern Rock
finlandSister Manik80s Hard Rock
USASister Morphine80s Hard Rock
USASister Red80s Hard Rock
swedenSister Sin80s Hard Rock
USASister SkyAOR /
Melodic Rock
australiaSister Switchblade80s Hard Rock
USASister Whiskey80s Hard Rock
australiaSisters DollSleaze Glam
swedenSisterSleaze Glam
USASittin' Pretty80s Hard Rock
multipleSix By SixProg Rock
swedenSix Feet Under80s Hard Rock
swedenSix Foot SixMelodic Metal
USASix Pack Floozy80s Hard Rock
finlandSix Silver Suns80s Hard Rock
germanySix To NinePop AOR /
finlandSixgun Renegades80s Hard Rock
USASixty-10Sleaze Glam
brazilSixty-Nine CrashModern Hard Rock
USASixx: A.M.80s Hard Rock
denmarkSkagarackAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAThe SkamAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukSkam80s Hard Rock
ukSkandalSleaze Glam
swissSkansis80s Hard Rock
ukSkarlett RiotMelodic Metal
USASkarlett Roxx80s Hard Rock
australiaSkarlet80s Hard Rock
polandSkawalker80s Hard Rock
polandGrzegorz SkawinskiAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASkeleton CrewSleaze Glam
germanySkeletor80s Hard Rock
USATommy SkeochInstrumental Wizards
germanySkew Siskin80s Hard Rock
USASkid Row80s Hard Rock
italySkill in VeinsSleaze Glam
USASkillet Johnson80s Hard Rock
USASkills80s Hard Rock
germanySkin Deep80s Hard Rock
USASkin Disciple80s Hard Rock
USASkin DiverAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASkin Kandy80s Hard Rock
USASkin SuitMelodic Metal
USASkin TagMelodic Metal
finlandSkin and BonesMelodic Metal
USASkin and BonesSleaze Glam
greeceSkinherMelodic Metal
australiaSkininc.Sleaze Glam
swedenSkinny Horse80s Hard Rock
swedenSkintradeMelodic Metal
ukSkin80s Hard Rock
germanySkip Rock80s Hard Rock
USASkitzotik80s Hard Rock
norwayChristina Skjolberg80s Hard Rock
denmarkSko/TorpPop AOR /
denmarkSkov and SadolinPop AOR /
USASkrapp Mettle80s Hard Rock
indiaSkreen 680s Hard Rock
italySkull DazeSleaze Glam
USASkullMelodic Metal
USASky Blues80s Hard Rock
finlandSky of Forever80s Hard Rock
swedenSky of RageMelodic Metal
USAThe Sky80s Hard Rock
USASkyhigh80s Hard Rock
spainSkyline80s Hard Rock
ukSkyscraper80s Hard Rock
USAKeith SlackModern Hard Rock
ukSlade II80s Hard Rock
ukSlade80s Hard Rock
indiaSlain [CCM]Melodic Metal
USASlam Alley80s Hard Rock
USASlam Bang80s Hard Rock
swissSlam DunkMelodic Metal
canadaSlam Savvy80s Hard Rock
USASlam St. JoanSleaze Glam
 The Slam80s Hard Rock
franceFrederic SlamaAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASlamer80s Hard Rock
USASlammin' GladysSleaze Glam
USASlam80s Hard Rock
canadaSlang80s Hard Rock
germanySlappy WhiteAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaSlash Puppet80s Hard Rock
USASlash's Snakepit80s Hard Rock
USASlashInstrumental Wizards
USAMark Slaughter80s Hard Rock
USASlaughter80s Hard Rock
USASlave 180s Hard Rock
USASlave RaiderSleaze Glam
USASlave To The System80s Hard Rock
USASlaves Of New BrunswickAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanySlearsPop AOR /
germanySleaze KidSleaze Glam
italySleazerMelodic Metal
costaricaSleazer80s Hard Rock
swedenSleazy JoeSleaze Glam
USASleazy Lee80s Hard Rock
czechSleazy RoxxxSleaze Glam
swedenSleazy RozeSleaze Glam
franceSleazy Town80s Hard Rock
canadaSleazy Way OutSleaze Glam
germanySleazy80s Hard Rock
USASledgehammer LedgeSleaze Glam
germanySledge80s Hard Rock
USASleeping Dogs80s Hard Rock
austriaTommy Sleexx80s Hard Rock
canadaC.J. SleezSleaze Glam
netherlandsSleeze Beez80s Hard Rock
germanySlice80s Hard Rock
canadaSlick KittySleaze Glam
USASlick Lilly80s Hard Rock
USASlick MoonPop AOR /
USAEarl SlickInstrumental Wizards
japanSlide RareSleaze Glam
canadaSlik ToxikMelodic Metal
swissSliks80s Hard Rock
USASlingshot KittySleaze Glam
USASlippery LipMelodic Metal
brazilSlippery80s Hard Rock
finlandSlipping StitchesModern Hard Rock
swissSlogan80s Hard Rock
ukJohn Sloman80s Hard Rock
USASlop Jar80s Hard Rock
Melodic Rock
Country Artist Genre

japanSlumlordsSleaze Glam
USASlunt80s Hard Rock
germanySlutfreax80s Hard Rock
USASluts CrazySleaze Glam
USASly BootsSleaze Glam
USASlyboyz80s Hard Rock
norwaySlyboy80s Hard Rock
Melodic Rock
USASlydog80s Hard Rock
swedenSlysideAOR /
Melodic Rock
japanSlyMelodic Metal
finlandSmackbound80s Hard Rock
finlandSmackSleaze Glam
ukSmall FacesPop AOR /
finlandSmall TalkAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASmall Town TitansModern Hard Rock
ukLee Small80s Hard Rock
USADerek Smalls80s Hard Rock
canadaWayne SmartAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASmartass80s Hard Rock
USASmash Alley80s Hard Rock
USASmash Fashion80s Hard Rock
swedenSmash Into PiecesModern Hard Rock
canadaSmash L.A.Sleaze Glam
germanySmash N' Grab80s Hard Rock
USASmashed AlleySleaze Glam
USASmashed Gladys80s Hard Rock
canadaSmeer80s Hard Rock
italySmelly BoggsSleaze Glam
USASmilek80s Hard Rock
ukSmith / Kotzen80s Hard Rock
USARex SmithPop AOR /
ukStuart SmithAOR /
Melodic Rock
swissSmoke 'N' Flame80s Hard Rock
USASmoke Ring80s Hard Rock
germanySmoked Lizard Lips80s Hard Rock
swedenSmokey BanditsSleaze Glam
italySmokey FingersSouthern Rock
finlandSmokin' Aces80s Hard Rock
swedenSmoking Snakes80s Hard Rock
USAPatty SmythAOR /
Melodic Rock
Melodic Rock
australiaSnake Bite Whisky80s Hard Rock
swedenSnake Charmer80s Hard Rock
canadaSnake Eyes SevenMelodic Metal
franceSnake Eye80s Hard Rock
hungarySnake Heart80s Hard Rock
multipleSnake Oil80s Hard Rock
italySnakebite80s Hard Rock
polandSnakebite80s Hard Rock
germanySnakebite80s Hard Rock
USASnakebyte80s Hard Rock
ukSnakecharmer80s Hard Rock
finlandSnakegodMelodic Metal
swedenSnakepit RebelsSleaze Glam
USASnakeryder80s Hard Rock
swedenSnakes in Paradise80s Hard Rock
norwayThe Snakes80s Hard Rock
USASnakeskin CowboyAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaSnakeskyn Whiskey80s Hard Rock
swissSnake80s Hard Rock
USASneakerAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASnew80s Hard Rock
USADee Snider80s Hard Rock
USASnow80s Hard Rock
USASnow White80s Hard Rock
USATom SnowPop AOR /
USASnowball80s Hard Rock
ukSnowblindAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASnowblyndSouthern Rock
norwaySnowfallAOR /
Melodic Rock
swissSnowhite80s Hard Rock
USASnowmen80s Hard Rock
swedenSnowstormAOR /
Melodic Rock
brazilSnow80s Hard Rock
USAKen SnyderInstrumental Wizards
USASnydly Crunch80s Hard Rock
ukSo!AOR /
Melodic Rock
USASocial DisgraceSleaze Glam
multipleSocial Disorder80s Hard Rock
swedenSofiaModern Hard Rock
germanySofteis80s Hard Rock
canadaSoho 6980s Hard Rock
ukSoho RosesSleaze Glam
finlandSoil80s Hard Rock
USASojournAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASoldier80s Hard Rock
USASoldier [CCM]80s Hard Rock
multipleSoledriver80s Hard Rock
USASoleil MoonAOR /
Melodic Rock
finlandSolid StateAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASolinger80s Hard Rock
austriaSolitude80s Hard Rock
USASolnaMelodic Metal
USASolus Rex80s Hard Rock
indiaChitral Somapala80s Hard Rock
germanySomething On 11Melodic Metal
USASomething WickedMelodic Metal
ukSon of Man80s Hard Rock
ukSon of a Bitch80s Hard Rock
norwaySonic DebrisProg Rock
swedenSonic DesolutionMelodic Metal
australiaSonic Divide80s Hard Rock
germanySonic HavenMelodic Metal
USASonic Jungle80s Hard Rock
USASonic LordsSleaze Glam
swedenSonic StationPop AOR /
swedenSonic SyndicateModern Hard Rock
USASonic Universe80s Hard Rock
netherlandsThe Sonic WalthersAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaSonic X80s Hard Rock
ukSons Of GodSleaze Glam
USASons Of TexasModern Hard Rock
japanSons of Angels80s Hard Rock
norwaySons of Angels80s Hard Rock
USASons of ApolloProg Rock
ukSons of LibertySouthern Rock
USASons of ServantsSouthern Rock
italyAlberto SonzogniAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaSora80s Hard Rock
USASorcery80s Hard Rock
USASoren80s Hard Rock
argentinaPatricia SosaAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAJeff Scott SotoAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASotoModern Hard Rock
USASoul AngelSouthern Rock
USASoul CircusMelodic Metal
canadaSoul Cirkus80s Hard Rock
germanySoul Doctor80s Hard Rock
swedenSoul Exchange80s Hard Rock
USASoul Kitchen80s Hard Rock
italySoul Seller80s Hard Rock
USASoul Shock Remedy80s Hard Rock
USASoul Sirkus80s Hard Rock
USASoul Tramp80s Hard Rock
USASoulMotorModern Hard Rock
finlandSoulRelic80s Hard Rock
finlandSoulcage80s Hard Rock
finlandSoulhealerMelodic Metal
USASoulicitModern Hard Rock
USASouls Of We80s Hard Rock
swissSouls RevivalPop AOR /
canadaSouls of the Red Dream80s Hard Rock
USASoulseekerMelodic Metal
USASoulshakeSleaze Glam
Melodic Rock
swedenSound TripAOR /
Melodic Rock
hondurasSound of EternityAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASoundoctrine [CCM]AOR /
Melodic Rock
greeceSoundtruckSouthern Rock
ukSouth of Salem80s Hard Rock
australiaSouthern Axent80s Hard Rock
swedenSouthern CrossAOR /
Melodic Rock
australiaSouthern EmpireProg Rock
USASouthern GentlemenMelodic Metal
USASouthern Rock AllstarsSouthern Rock
australiaSouthern SonsPop AOR /
USASouthgang80s Hard Rock
swedenSouthpaw80s Hard Rock
finlandSouthwest Sunrise80s Hard Rock
USASpace Age Playboys80s Hard Rock
ukSpace ElevatorAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASpace PantherSleaze Glam
brazilSpades VandalSleaze Glam
USASpanky Lee80s Hard Rock
norwaySpanModern Hard Rock
netherlandsSparklandsAOR /
Melodic Rock
USABarry SparksInstrumental Wizards
swedenSparzanza80s Hard Rock
swedenSpeak EasyAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenSpearfishProg Rock
canadaSpecial Division [CCM]Pop AOR /
canadaThe SpedsAOR /
Melodic Rock
austriaSpeed LimitMelodic Metal
swedenSpeed ParadeSleaze Glam
italySpeed StrokeSleaze Glam
USASpeedway BlvdAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenSpeedy Gonzales80s Hard Rock
norwaySpeed80s Hard Rock
brazilSpektra80s Hard Rock
USASpellboundProg Rock
swedenSpellboundMelodic Metal
germanySpellbound80s Hard Rock
ukBrian SpenceAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASpencer / BullockAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASphinx80s Hard Rock
USASpiced IceAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukSpider80s Hard Rock
USASpiders and SnakesSleaze Glam
USASpiderAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukSpike and Tyla's Hot Knives80s Hard Rock
ukSpike80s Hard Rock
USASpilt MilkAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukSpin 1ne 2wo80s Hard Rock
swedenSpin GalleryPop AOR /
USASpina and SullivanAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASpinal Tap80s Hard Rock
canadaSpiral FascinationPop AOR /
USASpiral FetishSleaze Glam
swedenSpirits of FireMelodic Metal
USAMark SpiroAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenSpit It Out!80s Hard Rock
ukSpit Like ThisSleaze Glam
swedenSpitting FeathersSleaze Glam
USASplashAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanySplendid Back80s Hard Rock
USASplit Image80s Hard Rock
USASplit Image80s Hard Rock
USASplit NixonModern Hard Rock
USASpoyldAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASpread Eagle80s Hard Rock
USAScott Springer [CCM]Pop AOR /
australiaRick SpringfieldPop AOR /
germanySpy Row80s Hard Rock
germanySpy Row80s Hard Rock
germanySpy # Row80s Hard Rock
USASpycastleMelodic Metal
Melodic Rock
Melodic Rock
Melodic Rock
australiaSquare One80s Hard Rock
swedenSquaredAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenSquareheadsSleaze Glam
USASquaresPop AOR /
franceSquealer80s Hard Rock
USABilly SquierAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASt. ClairAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASt. Elmo's Fire80s Hard Rock
USADerek St. HolmesAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASt. James80s Hard Rock
germanyEddie St. James80s Hard Rock
USARoni St. JamesInstrumental Wizards
USASt. James80s Hard Rock
USAMark St. JohnInstrumental Wizards
USAAlan St. JonAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASt. Kick80s Hard Rock
denmarkSt. Prostitute80s Hard Rock
USASt. Thomas80s Hard Rock
USASt. Valentine80s Hard Rock
USASt. Warren80s Hard Rock
canadaSt. Xavier80s Hard Rock
USAStabilizersPop AOR /
canadaGlen StaceAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAMichael StaertowInstrumental Wizards
norwayStage DollsAOR /
Melodic Rock
australiaStagesPop AOR /
swedenStaggerwing80s Hard Rock
swissStairway80s Hard Rock
finlandStala and SoSleaze Glam
USAStalker80s Hard Rock
swedenStallion Four80s Hard Rock
USAFrank StalloneAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaStampede Queen80s Hard Rock
ukStampede80s Hard Rock
USAStan Bush and BarrageAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAStancyMelodic Metal
USAThe Stand [CCM]80s Hard Rock
canadaThe StandstillsModern Hard Rock
australiaStandAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAPaul Stanley80s Hard Rock
USAScott StappModern Hard Rock
australiaStar ChaseAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAStar CollectorAOR /
Melodic Rock
denmarkStar RatsSleaze Glam
USAStar StarSleaze Glam
greeceStar.Gate80s Hard Rock
USAStarbendersSleaze Glam
USAStarbreakerMelodic Metal
swedenStarchaserMelodic Metal
australiaStarchase80s Hard Rock
australiaStarcrazySleaze Glam
hungaryStardustAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAStare NorthModern Hard Rock
norwayStargazer80s Hard Rock
finlandStargazeryMelodic Metal
germanyStargazerMelodic Metal
swedenStarmen80s Hard Rock
italyStarry EyesSleaze Glam
USAStarrSleaze Glam
USAStars UndergroundSleaze Glam
netherlandsStarscream80s Hard Rock
USAStarshipAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukStarsick SystemModern Hard Rock
USAStarwoodSleaze Glam
USAStarzSleaze Glam
swedenState CowsPop AOR /
swedenState Of Mind80s Hard Rock
ukState Of RockAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaState Of ShockModern Hard Rock
swedenState of SalazarAOR /
Melodic Rock
australiaThe StatePop AOR /
ukStateline80s Hard Rock
denmarkStatementModern Hard Rock
germanyStatementAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukStates of Panic80s Hard Rock
ukStatetrooper80s Hard Rock
USAStatic [CCM]80s Hard Rock
USAStation80s Hard Rock
ukStatus Quo80s Hard Rock
USAStaxx80s Hard Rock
USASteadlurModern Hard Rock
USAStealin HorsesAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukSteamhouse80s Hard Rock
swedenSteamroller80s Hard Rock
USASteel BreezeAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanySteel DawnMelodic Metal
USASteel Mountain Crossing80s Hard Rock
USASteel PantherSleaze Glam
swedenSteel Rhino80s Hard Rock
polandSteel Velvet80s Hard Rock
USASteel WebMelodic Metal
italyThe SteelMelodic Metal
indiaSteelRushAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASteelcity80s Hard Rock
USAChad SteeleAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaChrissy Steele80s Hard Rock
USASally Steele80s Hard Rock
germanySteelerMelodic Metal
USASteelerMelodic Metal
USASteele80s Hard Rock
USASteelheart80s Hard Rock
USASteelhouse Lane80s Hard Rock
swissSteelmadeMelodic Metal
belgiumSteeloverMelodic Metal
USASteelshine80s Hard Rock
USASteelwindAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenSteelwingsMelodic Metal
USASteeplechaseAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAStefanie80s Hard Rock
japanSteffanie80s Hard Rock
USARobby SteinhardtProg Rock
USASteinhardt/MoonProg Rock
USAJim SteinmanAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukSteve Steinman80s Hard Rock
denmarkStella Blackrose80s Hard Rock
USAStella KiddModern Hard Rock
israelStella MarisMelodic Metal
USAStellar RevivalModern Hard Rock
USAStencil ForestAOR /
Melodic Rock
finlandJan Stenfors80s Hard Rock
USAStep ChildMelodic Metal
USAStephen Crane and Duane Sciacqua80s Hard Rock
japanSteppen The BlueSleaze Glam
canadaSteppenwolf80s Hard Rock
USAStepson80s Hard Rock
finlandStereo Junks!Sleaze Glam
irelandStereo NastyMelodic Metal
USAStereosideModern Hard Rock
USAStetna80s Hard Rock
USASteve Bello BandInstrumental Wizards
USASteve Grimm BandAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaSteve McQueen Band80s Hard Rock
USAThe Steve Morse BandInstrumental Wizards
italySteve Rogers BandAOR /
Melodic Rock
swissSteve Whitney Band80s Hard Rock
australiaJon StevensAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASteve Stevens80s Hard Rock
germanySteven80s Hard Rock
USAStevie Salas Colorcode80s Hard Rock
ukIan James StewartPop AOR /
franceSticky Boys80s Hard Rock
denmarkSticky SweetSleaze Glam
canadaStiff Upper LipMelodic Metal
USAStiffkitty80s Hard Rock
swedenBjorn Stigsson [CCM]Instrumental Wizards
germanyStikki FykkSleaze Glam
USAStilettoAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaStilettoAOR /
Melodic Rock
swissStiletto HeelsAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukStilettos80s Hard Rock
austriaStiletto80s Hard Rock
japanStill Alive80s Hard Rock
franceStill At Large80s Hard Rock
brazilStill Living80s Hard Rock
USAStill Rain80s Hard Rock
USAStill Warning80s Hard Rock
USAStilletto80s Hard Rock
denmarkStillskin80s Hard Rock
USAStillwaterSouthern Rock
germanyStinger80s Hard Rock
 StingrayAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAStinjy Midgets80s Hard Rock
germanyStitch80s Hard Rock
germanyBobby Stoker80s Hard Rock
USABilly Stokes80s Hard Rock
USAStone Angel80s Hard Rock
ukStone BrokenModern Hard Rock
canadaStone By StoneAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyStone Free80s Hard Rock
USAStone FuryAOR /
Melodic Rock
 Stone Glory80s Hard Rock
ukStone Gods80s Hard Rock
croatiaStone Leaders80s Hard Rock
USAStone Machine80s Hard Rock
USAStone Romeo80s Hard Rock
USAStone SoupAOR /
Melodic Rock
irelandStone Trigger80s Hard Rock
USASteve Stone80s Hard Rock
swedenStoneLake80s Hard Rock
canadaStoneboltAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAStonebreed80s Hard Rock
germanyThe Stoned Bones80s Hard Rock
swedenStoneface80s Hard Rock
norwayStoneflowerAOR /
Melodic Rock
multipleStonemiller Inc.80s Hard Rock
australiaStonetrip80s Hard Rock
USAStonewall-Weekend80s Hard Rock
germanyStonewashed80s Hard Rock
USAStoney Bone Child80s Hard Rock
ukStone80s Hard Rock
spainStop StopSleaze Glam
swissStorace80s Hard Rock
canadaVirginia Storey80s Hard Rock
USAThe StormAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaStorm Force80s Hard Rock
USAStorm OrphansSleaze Glam
denmarkThe StormModern Hard Rock
USAThe StormAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAStormbreaker80s Hard Rock
swissStormbringerMelodic Metal
swedenStormburst80s Hard Rock
USAStorming HeavenAOR /
Melodic Rock
argentinaStormwarning80s Hard Rock
austriaStormwave80s Hard Rock
finlandStormwingAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyStormwitchMelodic Metal
ukStormzoneMelodic Metal
USAStorm80s Hard Rock
USAStorytellerAOR /
Melodic Rock
italyThe StraddlerzSleaze Glam
USAJohnny Strader80s Hard Rock
USAStradlin' Rosie80s Hard Rock
USAIzzy StradlinSouthern Rock
ukStraight EightAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAStraight Six80s Hard Rock
swedenStraight UpSleaze Glam
USAStraight Wired80s Hard Rock
USAStraightway [CCM]Melodic Metal
italyStramonioProg Rock
italyStrana OfficinaMelodic Metal
USAThe StrandAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaStrandedAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaStrange AdvanceAOR /
Melodic Rock
belgiumStrange Dogs80s Hard Rock
australiaStrange Karma80s Hard Rock
USAStrange SectsSleaze Glam
germanyStrangelet80s Hard Rock
argentinaStrangerAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyStranger80s Hard Rock
greeceStrangerlandAOR /
Melodic Rock
spainStrangers80s Hard Rock
USAStranger80s Hard Rock
scotlandStrangewaysAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukStrategyAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAStratosphereSouthern Rock
ukStratusAOR /
Melodic Rock
USANita Strauss80s Hard Rock
canadaStrawmanSleaze Glam
italyStray BulletsSleaze Glam
ukStray80s Hard Rock
canadaStreamProg Rock
swedenStreamline80s Hard Rock
USAStreamMelodic Metal
USAStreekAOR /
Melodic Rock
denmarkStreet FighterMelodic Metal
germanyStreet FighterMelodic Metal
USAStreet Kidz80s Hard Rock
norwayStreet Legal80s Hard Rock
finlandStreet LethalSleaze Glam
swedenStreet TalkAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAStreet Toyz80s Hard Rock
USAStreet Walker80s Hard Rock
USAThe Street80s Hard Rock
canadaStreetboyPop AOR /
canadaStreetheart80s Hard Rock
USAStreetlight Circus80s Hard Rock
swedenStreetlightAOR /
Melodic Rock
italyStreetloreAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAStreetsAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukStreetwalkers80s Hard Rock
USAStreetwise80s Hard Rock
USAStreetwyzeMelodic Metal
argentinaStreetSleaze Glam
USAStress80s Hard Rock
USAStrict-Nine80s Hard Rock
USAStrider80s Hard Rock
USAStrideProg Rock
swissStrikeAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaStrike ForceMelodic Metal
USAStrike Twice80s Hard Rock
USAStrikeforceMelodic Metal
canadaStrikerMelodic Metal
germanyStriker80s Hard Rock
finlandStrike80s Hard Rock
finlandStrikin' Case80s Hard Rock
USANikki StringfieldInstrumental Wizards
austriaStrip80s Hard Rock
canadaStrip Adicktion80s Hard Rock
USAStrip City Sinners80s Hard Rock
USAStrip Mind80s Hard Rock
russiaStripped GunsSleaze Glam
USAStripped Gypsy80s Hard Rock
USAThe StriptSleaze Glam
USAStripwired80s Hard Rock
USAStripSleaze Glam
canadaStroker80s Hard Rock
USAStrongbowProg Rock
USAStrongheart80s Hard Rock
USAStronghold [CCM]80s Hard Rock
ukThe StrutsSleaze Glam
spainStrutterSleaze Glam
USAStruttAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukStrutzAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAStrut80s Hard Rock
USAStryder80s Hard Rock
swedenStrykenine80s Hard Rock
USAStryken [CCM]80s Hard Rock
germanyStrykken80s Hard Rock
USAStryper [CCM]Melodic Metal
finlandStudMelodic Metal
USAThe Stuff80s Hard Rock
USAJoe StumpInstrumental Wizards
USAStun Leer80s Hard Rock
USAStupid Angel80s Hard Rock
finlandSturm Und DrangMelodic Metal
USAStutz80s Hard Rock
Melodic Rock
USASubmytion80s Hard Rock
USAThe SubstitutesAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenSubway Rats80s Hard Rock
germanySubway80s Hard Rock
USASuccsexxSleaze Glam
USATodd SuchermanAOR /
Melodic Rock
denmarkSuckerpunch80s Hard Rock
franceSuckerstarzSleaze Glam
USASudden Impact80s Hard Rock
canadaSudden ThunderMelodic Metal
USASue Saad and The Next80s Hard Rock
USASugarcreekAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASuicide AlleySleaze Glam
norwaySuicide BombersSleaze Glam
USASuicide Circus80s Hard Rock
USASuicide Squad80s Hard Rock
finlandThe Suicide Twins80s Hard Rock
argentinaSuite 19Sleaze Glam
USASuite OblivionAOR /
Melodic Rock
swissSultan80s Hard Rock
USAHenry Lee SummerAOR /
Melodic Rock
brazilJoey Summer80s Hard Rock
ukSummers80s Hard Rock
swedenThe Summit80s Hard Rock
netherlandsSun CagedProg Rock
USASun City Kings80s Hard Rock
canadaSun City Rockers80s Hard Rock
swissSun N Steel80s Hard Rock
USASun Red Sun80s Hard Rock
USASunbombMelodic Metal
swedenPeter SundellAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASundogs80s Hard Rock
brazilSunroad [CCM]80s Hard Rock
norwaySunset StripSleaze Glam
USASunshine JiveAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASunstormAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenSunstrikeAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanySupaRedMelodic Metal
USASupagroup80s Hard Rock
greeceSuper Vintage80s Hard Rock
denmarkSuperchargerSleaze Glam
australiaSupercharger80s Hard Rock
swedenSupergroupies80s Hard Rock
italySuperhorrorSleaze Glam
germanySupernova Plasmajets80s Hard Rock
USASupershine80s Hard Rock
swedenSupershit 666Sleaze Glam
brazilSuperstitiousAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukSupertrampAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASuperzero80s Hard Rock
colombiaSupremacy80s Hard Rock
USASure Conviction [CCM]80s Hard Rock
italySure80s Hard Rock
canadaSurface Tension80s Hard Rock
USASurginAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanySurprisesAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanySurprise [CCM]AOR /
Melodic Rock
USASurrenderAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaSurrenderAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASurrender DorothySleaze Glam
USASurrender The FallModern Hard Rock
USASurrender80s Hard Rock
USASurveillanceMelodic Metal
ukSurveillance80s Hard Rock
USASurvivorAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASuspicionSleaze Glam
netherlandsSustain80s Hard Rock
canadaSven GaliSleaze Glam
canadaSwaggerJackModern Hard Rock
Melodic Rock
franceSwallowsProg Rock
USAThe Swamp Candles80s Hard Rock
USASwampdawampSouthern Rock
USASway80s Hard Rock
swedenSwedish EroticaSleaze Glam
swedenSwedish Funk ConnectionAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenSwedish Hitz Goes MetalMelodic Metal
australiaSwedish Magazines80s Hard Rock
canadaSweeney ToddAOR /
Melodic Rock
swissMark SweeneyAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASweet 'n' EvilMelodic Metal
ukSweet Addiction80s Hard Rock
canadaSweet Alibi80s Hard Rock
USASweet Cheater80s Hard Rock
USASweet Comfort Band [CCM]AOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenSweet CreatureSleaze Glam
USASweet Crystal [CCM]80s Hard Rock
USASweet CyanideSleaze Glam
denmarkSweet ElaineAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASweet F.A.80s Hard Rock
swedenSweet Freedom80s Hard Rock
germanySweet Killer80s Hard Rock
czechSweet LeopardSleaze Glam
franceSweet Lips80s Hard Rock
USASweet Little sister80s Hard Rock
swedenSweet Mary JaneAOR /
Melodic Rock
italySweet OblivionMelodic Metal
germanySweet Pain80s Hard Rock
USASweet RevengeMelodic Metal
USASweet SavageSleaze Glam
ukSweet Sin80s Hard Rock
USASweet Sybil80s Hard Rock
 Sweet TeazeSleaze Glam
USASweet Water80s Hard Rock
USASweet and Lynch80s Hard Rock
swedenMartin SweetSleaze Glam
USAMichael Sweet [CCM]AOR /
Melodic Rock
USARobert SweetModern Hard Rock
ukThe Sweet80s Hard Rock
canadaSwerve SlovMelodic Metal
USASwift KickMelodic Metal
USASwift Kick80s Hard Rock
USASwingin' ThingSleaze Glam
USASwirl80s Hard Rock
germanySwitchblade Romance80s Hard Rock
USASwitchblade Scarlett80s Hard Rock
USASwitchblade Serenade80s Hard Rock
denmarkSwitchblade80s Hard Rock
canadaSwitchAOR /
Melodic Rock
italySwordsAOR /
Melodic Rock
USASyanide KickSleaze Glam
germanySyder80s Hard Rock
swissSydneyAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyThe SygnetMelodic Metal
ukJohn Sykes80s Hard Rock
ukSykes80s Hard Rock
USASylent Sam80s Hard Rock
USASymon Sezz80s Hard Rock
swedenSymphony of Sweden80s Hard Rock
USASynapseMelodic Metal
Melodic Rock
polandSyndiaAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanySyrence80s Hard Rock
canadaSyreSleaze Glam
USASyrym80s Hard Rock
USASysexMelodic Metal
ukSyteria80s Hard Rock
germanySyzzy RoxxSleaze Glam

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