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Hard Rock and AOR Bands - L

Click on an band or musician's name to bring up their discography page, which will contain album covers from all of their CDs, and pages about each individual CD, with band members, song names, band webpages, Ebay data, and reviewer comments.

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Country Artist Genre

 L.A. CobraSleaze Glam
denmarkL.A. Collection80s Hard Rock
USAThe L.A. CowboysPop AOR /
USAL.A. GunsSleaze Glam
USAL.A. Knights80s Hard Rock
USAThe L.A. Maybe80s Hard Rock
portugalL.A. Project80s Hard Rock
denmarkL.A.AOR /
Melodic Rock
USAL.O.U.D. [CCM]80s Hard Rock
Melodic Rock
australiaL.U.S.T.Sleaze Glam
ukThe LRW ProjectAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALTD Brytten80s Hard Rock
canadaLa Chinga80s Hard Rock
spainLa FaseAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALa MarcaAOR /
Melodic Rock
argentinaLa Naranja80s Hard Rock
germanyLa RoqueAOR /
Melodic Rock
italyLa Rox80s Hard Rock
argentinaLa Torre80s Hard Rock
USAJeff LaBar80s Hard Rock
canadaBernie LaBargeAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARobbie LaBlancAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaJames LaBrieMelodic Metal
USAJamie LaRitz80s Hard Rock
USALaValle80s Hard Rock
USALabansky80s Hard Rock
canadaMarc LabossiereAOR /
Melodic Rock
australiaLaced in Lust80s Hard Rock
italyLaceAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALaci ViolettSleaze Glam
ukThe Ladder80s Hard Rock
USAThe LadderAOR /
Melodic Rock
Melodic Rock
japanLadies RoomSleaze Glam
germanyLady Blush80s Hard Rock
argentinaLady MacbethAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALady SabreMelodic Metal
ukGerry LaffyAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaMarc LafranceAOR /
Melodic Rock
denmarkLagerloudz80s Hard Rock
swedenUlf Lagestam80s Hard Rock
USALaidlawSouthern Rock
canadaPaul Laine80s Hard Rock
swissRick LaineAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAHunter, Ronson, Pappalardi LaingAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukGreg LakeAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyLakeAOR /
Melodic Rock
franceLaluProg Rock
USAJoe LamontAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyLamornaAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALamp Shade Betty80s Hard Rock
germanyLancelot80s Hard Rock
Melodic Rock
USALancia80s Hard Rock
USALand Of Gypsies80s Hard Rock
finlandLand of Tales80s Hard Rock
swedenJayce Landberg80s Hard Rock
norwayJorn LandeAOR /
Melodic Rock
brazilLandfall80s Hard Rock
USALandsharkMelodic Metal
USALandslide80s Hard Rock
USALandslide80s Hard Rock
USAJani Lane80s Hard Rock
USALana LaneAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAShawn LaneInstrumental Wizards
italyLaneslideAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALaney's Legion80s Hard Rock
swedenChris Laney80s Hard Rock
germanyLane80s Hard Rock
brazilBeto LaniModern Hard Rock
brazilLani [CCM]Modern Hard Rock
USALansdowneModern Hard Rock
germanyLanzerMelodic Metal
ukPhil Lanzon80s Hard Rock
germanyLaosAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaLapointeAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALiz LarinAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAJustin LarnerInstrumental Wizards
ukLarocheAOR /
Melodic Rock
italyLaroxx80s Hard Rock
swedenThomas Larrson80s Hard Rock
swedenSven LarssonAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenThomas LassarAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenLasse Edin And The OutsidersPop AOR /
canadaThe Last ActMelodic Metal
USALast Adam [CCM]AOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenLast Autumn's Dream80s Hard Rock
italyThe Last BanditSleaze Glam
canadaLast Bullet80s Hard Rock
USALast Cry80s Hard Rock
USAThe Last Hard Men80s Hard Rock
USALast In LineMelodic Metal
ukLast Joker80s Hard Rock
USALast Man Standing80s Hard Rock
ukLast Of The Teenage IdolsSleaze Glam
ukThe Last RenegadesMelodic Metal
germanyLast Temptation80s Hard Rock
USALast Temptation80s Hard Rock
swedenLast TribeMelodic Metal
germanyLast TurionProg Rock
USAThe Last Vegas80s Hard Rock
USALast Wish80s Hard Rock
italyLast in Time80s Hard Rock
USALastWorldAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALate For The Sky [CCM]Modern Hard Rock
germanyLate Nite Romeo80s Hard Rock
germanyLater SonsAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALatter Reign [CCM]80s Hard Rock
swedenLaudamus [CCM]80s Hard Rock
finlandLaurenne-LouhimoMelodic Metal
USALaurie And The SighsAOR /
Melodic Rock
norwayDag LauvlandPop AOR /
norwayLavaPop AOR /
USALaw and Order80s Hard Rock
ukThe LawAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyLawdyMelodic Metal
franceLawlessnessMelodic Metal
ukLawless80s Hard Rock
USALinda LawleyAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAJimmy LawrenceAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAJohn Lawry [CCM]AOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaLawsuit80s Hard Rock
ukJohn LawtonAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenPeter LazarAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyLazarus Dream80s Hard Rock
USALazarus80s Hard Rock
finlandLazy Bonez80s Hard Rock
USALazy Jane80s Hard Rock
USALazy Susan80s Hard Rock
australiaThe Lazys80s Hard Rock
norwayLazySleaze Glam
USALe Mans80s Hard Rock
Melodic Rock
norwayRonni Le TekroInstrumental Wizards
USALeComptSleaze Glam
USADavid LeachPop AOR /
swedenLeaded FuelSleaze Glam
australiaLeadfinger80s Hard Rock
finlandLeafletMelodic Metal
ukLeague Of LightsAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALeap Skyward80s Hard Rock
USALeather Angel80s Hard Rock
USALeather Duchess80s Hard Rock
australiaLeather Zen80s Hard Rock
brazilLeatherjacks80s Hard Rock
USALeatherwolfMelodic Metal
USALeatherMelodic Metal
USALeathurbitchSleaze Glam
USALebocat80s Hard Rock
argentinaDavid LebonSouthern Rock
USAThe Lec Zorn ProjectAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAVick LecarInstrumental Wizards
ukLed ZeppelinMelodic Metal
swissLee RedAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyLee ZMelodic Metal
USAEddie Lee80s Hard Rock
canadaGeddy LeeProg Rock
USAJake E. LeeInstrumental Wizards
USAKevin LeeAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAKevin LeeAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALarry LeePop AOR /
USARoni Lee80s Hard Rock
USARonny LeeAOR /
Melodic Rock
USATommy LeeModern Hard Rock
 Howard Leese80s Hard Rock
USALeft for Dead80s Hard Rock
USALegacy [CCM]Melodic Metal
canadaLegacy80s Hard Rock
USALegacy [CCM]80s Hard Rock
USALegacy80s Hard Rock
swissLegal TenderAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenLegbone80s Hard Rock
USALegendAOR /
Melodic Rock
denmarkLegend80s Hard Rock
USALegendSouthern Rock
USALegendSleaze Glam
USALegend Seven [CCM]80s Hard Rock
USALegend [CCM]AOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaLeggatProg Rock
USALeggesy80s Hard Rock
USALeggz Diamond80s Hard Rock
USALeggz80s Hard Rock
USALegion80s Hard Rock
USALegs Diamond80s Hard Rock
USALegs Up80s Hard Rock
brazilLei Seca80s Hard Rock
ukDaniel LeighAOR /
Melodic Rock
netherlandsLemon Crush80s Hard Rock
germanyThe Lenny MacDowell ProjectAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyLenny Wolf's Germany80s Hard Rock
USALeonard The DogAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukStephen Brian Leonard80s Hard Rock
swissLeroyAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyLeroy80s Hard Rock
franceLes LolitasSleaze Glam
brazilLesbians80s Hard Rock
USAPaul LesliePop AOR /
canadaPete LesperanceAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenLess Than 480s Hard Rock
polandLessdress80s Hard Rock
germanyLessmann / Voss80s Hard Rock
germanyLessmann / Ziller80s Hard Rock
USALetchen GreyMelodic Metal
ukLethal FixxSleaze Glam
italyThe Lethal IdolsSleaze Glam
USALethal LipstickSleaze Glam
USALetter 780s Hard Rock
germanyLetter XMelodic Metal
USALetters From the FireModern Hard Rock
germanyLetzte InstanzModern Hard Rock
USALevara80s Hard Rock
germanyLevel 10Melodic Metal
Melodic Rock
finlandLeverageMelodic Metal
USABill LevertyInstrumental Wizards
USAJaime LeviAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenLeviticus [CCM]80s Hard Rock
ukPhil LewisSleaze Glam
USATimothy LewisAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukTony LewisAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALex Rex [CCM]80s Hard Rock
italyPaola Pellegrini Lexrock80s Hard Rock
canadaLeyden ZarAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALiaison [CCM]80s Hard Rock
ukLiar80s Hard Rock
ukLiar80s Hard Rock
swedenLiar Thief Bandit80s Hard Rock
germanyLiarMelodic Metal
USALiberty N' Justice [CCM]80s Hard Rock
USALibsuite [CCM]Pop AOR /
germanyLicence80s Hard Rock
germanyLick And A Promise80s Hard Rock
USALickity Split80s Hard Rock
Melodic Rock
ukTony LiddlePop AOR /
ukBilly LiesegangInstrumental Wizards
ukLiesegang/White80s Hard Rock
USALife After Death80s Hard Rock
USALife By NightPop AOR /
USALife Sex and Death80s Hard Rock
USALifeforceAOR /
Melodic Rock
netherlandsLifeforceAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenLifeline80s Hard Rock
ukLifeline80s Hard Rock
Melodic Rock
ukLifesignsProg Rock
ukLife80s Hard Rock
USAThe Light80s Hard Rock
USALightning StrikesMelodic Metal
USALightspeedProg Rock
USALightyearsAOR /
Melodic Rock
netherlandsLightProg Rock
finlandJani LiimatainenMelodic Metal
swissLike WildsMelodic Metal
swedenChristian Liljegren80s Hard Rock
USALillian Axe80s Hard Rock
Country Artist Genre

USAJohnny Lima80s Hard Rock
USALimited WarrantyPop AOR /
USALimousineAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyLinda And The PunchModern Hard Rock
swedenLine Up80s Hard Rock
USALine of FireAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaLine-Up In ParisAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenLinehouseAOR /
Melodic Rock
finlandLinman80s Hard Rock
brazilLion Heart80s Hard Rock
germanyLion TwinMelodic Metal
denmarkLion's Pride80s Hard Rock
swedenLion's ShareMelodic Metal
germanyLioncage80s Hard Rock
italyLione/ContiMelodic Metal
USALionel's DadPop AOR /
ukLionheartAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALions and Ghosts80s Hard Rock
canadaLionsaultModern Hard Rock
ukLionsexSleaze Glam
ukLionsheartMelodic Metal
italyLionvilleAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALion80s Hard Rock
ukLip Service80s Hard Rock
USALips Turn Blue80s Hard Rock
USALipstickSleaze Glam
norwayLipstick LiontigersMelodic Metal
USALipstick Magazine80s Hard Rock
italyLipstickPop AOR /
USALipstik80s Hard Rock
swedenLipstixx 'N' BulletzSleaze Glam
swedenLipzSleaze Glam
swissLiquid Fire80s Hard Rock
USALiquid MirrorSleaze Glam
USALiquid Planet80s Hard Rock
USALiquid Sunday80s Hard Rock
USALiquor Sweet80s Hard Rock
franceLisa De Luxe80s Hard Rock
netherlandsLite80s Hard Rock
USALittererAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALittle AmericaAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukLittle Angels80s Hard Rock
finlandLittle Big Little80s Hard Rock
germanyLittle BigAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALittle Caesar80s Hard Rock
USALittle DickensSouthern Rock
ukLittle Egypt80s Hard Rock
USALittle JimmyMelodic Metal
USALittle Kings80s Hard Rock
USALittle RebelSleaze Glam
australiaLittle River BandPop AOR /
USALittle Steven80s Hard Rock
germanyLittle Tango80s Hard Rock
swedenLittle YankeesAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenLiv SinMelodic Metal
USALive Tongue80s Hard Rock
italyDaniele LiveraniInstrumental Wizards
finlandLiverboxSleaze Glam
USALivesay80s Hard Rock
USAKerry Livgren [CCM]AOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaLivid Earth80s Hard Rock
swedenLivin' ParaziteMelodic Metal
USALiving Colour80s Hard Rock
USALiving InsanityMelodic Metal
 Living Loud80s Hard Rock
USALiving ThingsSleaze Glam
germanyLivitProg Rock
USALixx Array80s Hard Rock
ukLixxSleaze Glam
USALix80s Hard Rock
swedenLizard EyeMelodic Metal
USAThe Lizards80s Hard Rock
 LizardSouthern Rock
italyLizhard80s Hard Rock
USALizzy BordenMelodic Metal
ukSophie LloydInstrumental Wizards
spainLoReLeyAOR /
Melodic Rock
finlandLoaded DiceSouthern Rock
USALoaded Gun80s Hard Rock
spainLoanSharkMelodic Metal
finlandThe Local Band80s Hard Rock
USALochinvarMelodic Metal
USALock Up80s Hard Rock
USAGoldy Locks80s Hard Rock
swedenLocomotive Breath80s Hard Rock
canadaLocomotive Dream80s Hard Rock
australiaLodestone80s Hard Rock
USALodgicAOR /
Melodic Rock
scotlandLoganModern Hard Rock
USAOni Logan80s Hard Rock
USALogan/Robertson80s Hard Rock
USALogan80s Hard Rock
USAKenny LogginsPop AOR /
denmarkLogoPop AOR /
polandLombardAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALondon CallingAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukLondon Cowboys80s Hard Rock
USALondon DriveAOR /
Melodic Rock
USATommy London80s Hard Rock
USALondonSleaze Glam
germanyLone Age80s Hard Rock
ukLone Star80s Hard Rock
USALonely HeartMelodic Metal
ukLonely RobotProg Rock
ukLonerider80s Hard Rock
USALoneroInstrumental Wizards
australiaLonewolf80s Hard Rock
USALong Gone80s Hard Rock
greeceLong Live80s Hard Rock
ukLong Road Home80s Hard Rock
scotlandLong Shadows Dawn80s Hard Rock
australiaLongreef80s Hard Rock
USALoosely TightMelodic Metal
USAPete Loran80s Hard Rock
USALord Grey80s Hard Rock
USALord Tracy80s Hard Rock
finlandLordiMelodic Metal
USALords Of Mercy80s Hard Rock
spainLords of BlackMelodic Metal
australiaLordMelodic Metal
germanyLorianProg Rock
USADario LorinaInstrumental Wizards
USALorraineSleaze Glam
canadaLorraine80s Hard Rock
brazilLory F. Band80s Hard Rock
 Los AngelesAOR /
Melodic Rock
argentinaLos Autos LocosSleaze Glam
argentinaLos Guarros80s Hard Rock
USALos Lobotomys80s Hard Rock
USALost And Found80s Hard Rock
USALost Angel80s Hard Rock
USALost Boys80s Hard Rock
germanyLost Boyz80s Hard Rock
ukThe Lost Boyz80s Hard Rock
germanyLost Boyz80s Hard Rock
USALost Cause80s Hard Rock
USALost Circus80s Hard Rock
USALost CitySleaze Glam
USALost City80s Hard Rock
USALost Horizon80s Hard Rock
USALost ImageAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaLost JohnnySleaze Glam
finlandLost MadisonMelodic Metal
ukLost WeekendAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAThe Lost80s Hard Rock
USALostboysMelodic Metal
swedenLotus80s Hard Rock
USAThe Lou Gramm BandAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenLoud 'N' NastySleaze Glam
austriaLoud At Least!80s Hard Rock
finlandLoud Crowd80s Hard Rock
USALoud House80s Hard Rock
USALoud Lion80s Hard Rock
USALoud Silence80s Hard Rock
chileLoud Solution80s Hard Rock
USALoud and Clear80s Hard Rock
canadaRobert LoudenAOR /
Melodic Rock
finlandLoudguns80s Hard Rock
japanLoudnessMelodic Metal
canadaLoudshine80s Hard Rock
brazilKiko LoureiroInstrumental Wizards
USAJ.T. Loux80s Hard Rock
USALove Affair80s Hard Rock
canadaLove Chain80s Hard Rock
swedenLove Child80s Hard Rock
australiaLove Cream80s Hard Rock
USALove Grin80s Hard Rock
USALove Gunn80s Hard Rock
USALove HunterAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenLove InjectionsSleaze Glam
USALove JonesAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALove Life [CCM]80s Hard Rock
italyLove MachineMelodic Metal
USALove On Ice80s Hard Rock
canadaLove RazerSleaze Glam
USALove Razors80s Hard Rock
USALove Revolution80s Hard Rock
USALove Saves The DayAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALove Stallion80s Hard Rock
USALove ToyzAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyLove and Lies80s Hard Rock
USALove and Revenge80s Hard Rock
USALove and War80s Hard Rock
USALove and War80s Hard Rock
USALove and a .3880s Hard Rock
USALove in Chains80s Hard Rock
australiaLove'N Rebellion80s Hard Rock
USABrad LoveProg Rock
 Love.Might.KillMelodic Metal
USALove/HateMelodic Metal
ukLovebite80s Hard Rock
USALoveblast80s Hard Rock
swedenLoveboneSleaze Glam
liechtensteinLovechild80s Hard Rock
USALovekillers80s Hard Rock
USAThe Loveless80s Hard Rock
netherlandsLovell's BladeMelodic Metal
USALovemakerSleaze Glam
USAThe LovemongersAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenLover Under CoverAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaLoverboyAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaLoveringAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALovers Lane80s Hard Rock
germanyLoveslideSleaze Glam
germanyLovetrick80s Hard Rock
USALovewar [CCM]80s Hard Rock
finlandLovexModern Hard Rock
canadaThe Loving DeadSleaze Glam
norwayLily Lowe80s Hard Rock
USALowside80s Hard Rock
multipleThe Loyal Cheaters80s Hard Rock
italyThe Lu Silver String BandSouthern Rock
italyLuca Princiotta Band80s Hard Rock
germanyDan LucasAOR /
Melodic Rock
denmarkLucer80s Hard Rock
canadaLucid Scream80s Hard Rock
swedenLucidor80s Hard Rock
norwayLucifer Was80s Hard Rock
germanyLucifer's Friend II featuring John Lawton80s Hard Rock
germanyLucifer's Friend80s Hard Rock
italyLucky Bastardz80s Hard Rock
USALueken80s Hard Rock
swedenLugnet80s Hard Rock
USASteve LukatherAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyLuleyAOR /
Melodic Rock
polandLunatic SoulProg Rock
USALust80s Hard Rock
USALustSleaze Glam
canadaLust Boys80s Hard Rock
italyLust Under VirgoSleaze Glam
greeceLustin JaneModern Hard Rock
USALustSleaze Glam
USALuv HunterMelodic Metal
USALuv JunkiesSleaze Glam
ukLyadrive80s Hard Rock
USALydian SeaMelodic Metal
USALydian80s Hard Rock
canadaRay LyellAOR /
Melodic Rock
scotlandLyin Rampant80s Hard Rock
USALynamModern Hard Rock
USALynch Mob80s Hard Rock
USAGeorge LynchInstrumental Wizards
USASteve LynchInstrumental Wizards
USALynch/Pilson80s Hard Rock
USALynn Allen80s Hard Rock
USAGregory Lynn HallAOR /
Melodic Rock
belgiumLynxAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaLynxAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALynx'eAOR /
Melodic Rock
brazilLynx80s Hard Rock
USALynyrd SkynyrdSouthern Rock
USALynzee Red80s Hard Rock
USALynzee80s Hard Rock
canadaLyon KingAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALyons and WellsAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALypswitchSleaze Glam
germanyLyrielMelodic Metal
swedenLytron [CCM]AOR /
Melodic Rock

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