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Hard Rock and AOR Bands - F

Click on an band or musician's name to bring up their discography page, which will contain album covers from all of their CDs, and pages about each individual CD, with band members, song names, band webpages, Ebay data, and reviewer comments.

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Country Artist Genre

germanyF.B.I.80s Hard Rock
belgiumF.N. Guns80s Hard Rock
swissF.O.R.M80s Hard Rock
USAF.U.80s Hard Rock
canadaFMAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFM The Band80s Hard Rock
Melodic Rock
australiaFOUR5680s Hard Rock
italyFab BoxPop AOR /
italyFabri Kiareli's F.E.A.S.T80s Hard Rock
USAFace DancerAOR /
Melodic Rock
swissFace FaceAOR /
Melodic Rock
franceFace To FaceMelodic Metal
germanyFace Why FacePop AOR /
USAFace to FaceAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFade80s Hard Rock
peruFahedPop AOR /
ukFahran80s Hard Rock
chileFahrenheit80s Hard Rock
spainFahrenheitAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukFahrenheit UK80s Hard Rock
austriaFahrenheitAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFair ExchangePop AOR /
USAFair Ground80s Hard Rock
swissFair Haven80s Hard Rock
USAFair Warning [CCM]80s Hard Rock
germanyFair WarningAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFairchildAOR /
Melodic Rock
brazilFairoff80s Hard Rock
germanyFairytaleAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyFairytaleMelodic Metal
norwayFaith Circus80s Hard Rock
netherlandsFaith Healer80s Hard Rock
USAFaith Nation80s Hard Rock
USAFaith No More80s Hard Rock
swedenFaith Taboo80s Hard Rock
USAFaith and Bullets80s Hard Rock
canadaFaith and DesireAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFaith and FireMelodic Metal
USAFaithealerAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenFaithful GraceMelodic Metal
portugalFaithfull80s Hard Rock
USAFaithsedge80s Hard Rock
USAFake I.D.Pop AOR /
canadaFalcon Scream80s Hard Rock
USABilly FalconAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyFalconMelodic Metal
italyFallen AngelsSleaze Glam
finlandFallen AngelsSleaze Glam
multipleFallen SanctuaryMelodic Metal
australiaFallen Silver80s Hard Rock
ukFalling Nine80s Hard Rock
ukFalling RedSleaze Glam
USAFallon80s Hard Rock
swissFamily Force80s Hard Rock
canadaFamous UndergroundMelodic Metal
USAFan FictionPop AOR /
USAFanatix80s Hard Rock
USAFandangoAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAJohn FannonAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenFans Of The Dark80s Hard Rock
USAFantasiaMelodic Metal
ukFar CorporationAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFar CryPop AOR /
USAFar Cry80s Hard Rock
swedenFar North80s Hard Rock
finlandFar'N BeyondMelodic Metal
USAFarCry80s Hard Rock
USAFaragher BrothersAOR /
Melodic Rock
italyFrancesco FareriInstrumental Wizards
USAFargo Strut80s Hard Rock
germanyFargo80s Hard Rock
greeceAnastasio FariniInstrumental Wizards
USAPJ Farley80s Hard Rock
USAMark Farner [CCM]80s Hard Rock
australiaJohn FarnhamPop AOR /
germanyFaro80s Hard Rock
greeceFarradayAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaCraig FarrawayPop AOR /
USAFarrcry80s Hard Rock
USACharlie FarrenAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAChris FarrenPop AOR /
USAFarrenheitPop AOR /
USAThe Farthest EdgeModern Hard Rock
USAFascinationMelodic Metal
USAFashion PoliceSleaze Glam
USAFast ForwardAOR /
Melodic Rock
swissFast Lane80s Hard Rock
canadaFast Train Union80s Hard Rock
USAFastback80s Hard Rock
USAFaster Pussycat80s Hard Rock
ukFastway80s Hard Rock
USAFat NancySleaze Glam
swedenFat Nelly80s Hard Rock
USAFatal AttractionSleaze Glam
swedenFatal AttractionPop AOR /
USAFatal Charm80s Hard Rock
denmarkFatal Force80s Hard Rock
swedenFatal Smile80s Hard Rock
canadaFatal VisionAOR /
Melodic Rock
 Fatal Vision80s Hard Rock
denmarkFateAOR /
Melodic Rock
polandFatum80s Hard Rock
argentinaFaust80s Hard Rock
germanyFaust80s Hard Rock
USAFear Not [CCM]80s Hard Rock
USAThe Fear80s Hard Rock
USAFeast of Joy80s Hard Rock
swedenFeatherstoneAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaFeed Back80s Hard Rock
USAFeed The RhinoAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyFeedback80s Hard Rock
canadaTim FeehanAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFeelMelodic Metal
USADavid Rock Feinstein80s Hard Rock
USAFeinstein80s Hard Rock
USADon Felder80s Hard Rock
italyFeline MelindaMelodic Metal
Melodic Rock
swissFelony80s Hard Rock
greeceFelony Case80s Hard Rock
USAFelony80s Hard Rock
swissFelskinnMelodic Metal
USAFemme Fatale80s Hard Rock
norwayFenrik LaneAOR /
Melodic Rock
australiaFeral80s Hard Rock
USAJay FergusonAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaJeremy FergusonInstrumental Wizards
USAMarc Ferrari80s Hard Rock
USAMarc Ferreira80s Hard Rock
brazilFerreiraAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFerrett80s Hard Rock
 The FerrymenMelodic Metal
USAFetchin Bones80s Hard Rock
argentinaFetzet80s Hard Rock
USAFevertree80s Hard Rock
swissFever80s Hard Rock
USAFiction Dog80s Hard Rock
USAFiction Syxx80s Hard Rock
USAFierce Heart80s Hard Rock
argentinaFiesta AmericanaSleaze Glam
USAFifth AngelMelodic Metal
indiaFifth Note80s Hard Rock
USAFifty Seven Stitch80s Hard Rock
australiaFifty SixxModern Hard Rock
USAFight or Flight80s Hard Rock
swissFighter V80s Hard Rock
australiaFighterpilot80s Hard Rock
USAFighter [CCM]80s Hard Rock
USAFilthy LucreSleaze Glam
ukFinal ConflictProg Rock
USAFinal Destiny [CCM]80s Hard Rock
germanyFinal FortuneMelodic Metal
canadaFinal FrontierAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFinal HeirMelodic Metal
USAThe Final Prayer80s Hard Rock
swedenFind MeAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFinger PrintAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenFingerprintsPop AOR /
norwayFinnero80s Hard Rock
USAFinster BabySleaze Glam
USAFiona80s Hard Rock
Melodic Rock
maltaFire80s Hard Rock
finlandFire Action80s Hard Rock
USAFire Alley80s Hard Rock
USAFire Dept.80s Hard Rock
swissFire RoseMelodic Metal
USAFire TigerAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFire With Fire80s Hard Rock
ukFirebird80s Hard Rock
argentinaFireblastMelodic Metal
USAFirebrand80s Hard Rock
swedenFirecracker80s Hard Rock
canadaThe Firedogs80s Hard Rock
USAFireflyAOR /
Melodic Rock
italyFirehouseAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFirehouse80s Hard Rock
USAFireking80s Hard Rock
finlandFirenote80s Hard Rock
australiaFirepowerSleaze Glam
USAFires of BabylonMelodic Metal
australiaFiresign80s Hard Rock
USAFirewolfeMelodic Metal
portugalFire80s Hard Rock
USAMichael Lee FirkinsInstrumental Wizards
ukThe FirmAOR /
Melodic Rock
italyFirmo80s Hard Rock
germanyFirst Child80s Hard Rock
USAFirst Draw80s Hard Rock
ukFirst LightAOR /
Melodic Rock
estoniaFirst NightAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFirst Offense80s Hard Rock
canadaFirst Shot80s Hard Rock
canadaFirst SignalAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukFirst Strike80s Hard Rock
USAFirst Strike80s Hard Rock
franceFisc80s Hard Rock
belgiumFish On FridayProg Rock
italyFist of RageMelodic Metal
canadaFist80s Hard Rock
germanyFive Men Black80s Hard Rock
australiaThe Five VenomsSleaze Glam
USAFixerMelodic Metal
japanFixAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenFlagshipProg Rock
Melodic Rock
Country Artist Genre

ukFlairzSleaze Glam
norwayTorstein FlakneAOR /
Melodic Rock
argentinaFlamedownAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFlameMelodic Metal
russiaFlashSleaze Glam
USAFlash Addict80s Hard Rock
finlandFlashbacksliders80s Hard Rock
USAFlashpointMelodic Metal
austriaFlash80s Hard Rock
japanFlatbackerMelodic Metal
USARobert FleischmanAOR /
Melodic Rock
italyFlemt80s Hard Rock
USAFlesh and Blood80s Hard Rock
USAFlesh80s Hard Rock
USAFleuryMelodic Metal
germanyMichael Flexig80s Hard Rock
USAFlexx Bronco80s Hard Rock
USAFlies on FireSleaze Glam
ukFlight 1680s Hard Rock
ukFlight 1980s Hard Rock
USAFlight 7Pop AOR /
norwayFlightProg Rock
USAFlood The EngineSouthern Rock
ukThe Flood80s Hard Rock
USAFloodMelodic Metal
italyFlorence 99AOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFloyd's Funk Revival80s Hard Rock
USAFluid SolModern Hard Rock
denmarkFlush The FashionSleaze Glam
netherlandsFlyer80s Hard Rock
germanyFlying CircusProg Rock
USAFlying ColorsProg Rock
USAFlynnPop AOR /
canadaFlyteAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFlyweilAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukFoghat80s Hard Rock
USAFool's Gold80s Hard Rock
spainFool's Kin80s Hard Rock
swissThe Foolhouse80s Hard Rock
USAFoolish Pleasure80s Hard Rock
USAFools Faith80s Hard Rock
franceFools80s Hard Rock
netherlandsFor Absent FriendsProg Rock
greeceFor My Addiction80s Hard Rock
finlandFor Selena and SinMelodic Metal
canadaDavid ForbesAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukThe Force80s Hard Rock
USAForce 10AOR /
Melodic Rock
USAForce 3 [CCM]Melodic Metal
USAThe ForceAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukForcefield80s Hard Rock
argentinaForceps80s Hard Rock
spainForcePop AOR /
USADwayne FordPop AOR /
canadaGarnett FordAOR /
Melodic Rock
USALita Ford80s Hard Rock
USAForeignerAOR /
Melodic Rock
netherlandsForest FieldProg Rock
canadaForeverAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukForever VendettaModern Hard Rock
USAForever Young80s Hard Rock
germanyForever80s Hard Rock
germanyForePop AOR /
ukForget-Me-NotAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAForgeMelodic Metal
austriaThe FormPop AOR /
USAMoriah Formica80s Hard Rock
russiaFormula 180s Hard Rock
USARhett ForresterMelodic Metal
swissForsaleAOR /
Melodic Rock
Melodic Rock
canadaJean-Pierre FortinAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFortnoxMelodic Metal
USAFortressMelodic Metal
USAFortress/Eliot80s Hard Rock
USAFortressAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFortuneAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenFortuneAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFortuneAOR /
Melodic Rock
 Forty Deuce80s Hard Rock
USADavid FosterPop AOR /
canadaJim FosterAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFoundryModern Hard Rock
USAFour By Fate80s Hard Rock
USAFour Horsemen80s Hard Rock
USAFour Large Men80s Hard Rock
swedenFour Sticks80s Hard Rock
USAFoxx80s Hard Rock
USAFoxx80s Hard Rock
USAFoxy RoxxSleaze Glam
swissFox80s Hard Rock
USAFozzy80s Hard Rock
ukFragile ThingsModern Hard Rock
USAFragileAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaFraidy KattSleaze Glam
finlandFrailModern Hard Rock
USAFrameshiftProg Rock
finlandFrameAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukPeter FramptonAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFrance80s Hard Rock
USAFrank Hannon Band80s Hard Rock
germanyHerman FrankMelodic Metal
USAFranke and the KnockoutsPop AOR /
USAThe Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13Sleaze Glam
USAFrankie Banali and Friends80s Hard Rock
USAAndy FraserAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaFraze Gang80s Hard Rock
USAFreak House80s Hard Rock
swedenFreak Kitchen80s Hard Rock
USAFreak of Nature80s Hard Rock
norwayFreakshow80s Hard Rock
USAFreakshow80s Hard Rock
germanyFreakstormMelodic Metal
USAFreddie Salem The WildcatsSouthern Rock
franceFreddy Lynxx The Jet BoysSleaze Glam
USAFergie FrederiksenPop AOR /
USAFrederiksen-DenanderAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFrederiksen/PhillipsAOR /
Melodic Rock
austriaFree 2 FlyAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenFree Fall80s Hard Rock
swedenFree From Sin80s Hard Rock
finlandFree Spirit80s Hard Rock
USAFree Way80s Hard Rock
USAMarcie FreeAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAMark FreeAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukScott FreeAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFreedoms Reign80s Hard Rock
swedenFreefall80s Hard Rock
ukFreefall80s Hard Rock
USAFreefallProg Rock
USAThe Freeloaders80s Hard Rock
USAFreerider80s Hard Rock
greeceFreerock Saints80s Hard Rock
ukFreeway Mad80s Hard Rock
canadaFreeways80s Hard Rock
ukFreewheeler80s Hard Rock
ukFree80s Hard Rock
USAFrehley's Comet80s Hard Rock
USAAce Frehley80s Hard Rock
USAFreight Train Jane80s Hard Rock
italyFreight TrainAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyFreiheitAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFrench KissAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFrench MaideMelodic Metal
USAFrencheeSleaze Glam
franceThe FrenchiesSleaze Glam
franceFrenchkissSleaze Glam
japanFrenzy80s Hard Rock
spainFrenzy80s Hard Rock
USAFrenzy80s Hard Rock
canadaAlan FrewPop AOR /
ukFriction80s Hard Rock
USAFriction80s Hard Rock
USAAlan FriedmanAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAMarty FriedmanInstrumental Wizards
USAFriendly Fire80s Hard Rock
swedenFriends80s Hard Rock
swedenPeter FriestedtPop AOR /
USAFriktion80s Hard Rock
USABobby FrissAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenFrom Behind80s Hard Rock
USAFrom The Inside80s Hard Rock
USAFrom the FireAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyFront Row Warriors80s Hard Rock
USAThe Front [CCM]AOR /
Melodic Rock
USAThe Front80s Hard Rock
swedenFrontback80s Hard Rock
ukFrontierMelodic Metal
USAFrontierAOR /
Melodic Rock
netherlandsFrontline80s Hard Rock
USAFrontlinePop AOR /
germanyFrontlineAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFrontrunnerSleaze Glam
ukFrostProg Rock
canadaFrost in JunePop AOR /
USAFrostbit BlueSouthern Rock
USAFrost80s Hard Rock
denmarkFrozen EyesMelodic Metal
canadaFrozen GhostAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyFrozen Heart80s Hard Rock
belgiumFrozen RainAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFrozen RoseMelodic Metal
germanyFrozen Tears80s Hard Rock
australiaFrozen Tears80s Hard Rock
italyFuel From Hell80s Hard Rock
USAFuelModern Hard Rock
ukFugitive80s Hard Rock
USAFull Circle80s Hard Rock
USAFull Throttle80s Hard Rock
USAFull Tilt80s Hard Rock
USATommy FunderburkAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAFunhouse80s Hard Rock
USAFunhouseSleaze Glam
USAFunny Money80s Hard Rock
italyFuoriusoSleaze Glam
franceFuriosoAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAMichael FurlongAOR /
Melodic Rock
Melodic Rock
ukFuryMelodic Metal
ukFuryAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAMatt FuryInstrumental Wizards
canadaMichael FuryAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukFuryonModern Hard Rock
canadaFury80s Hard Rock
USAFuture RageMelodic Metal
USAFuture TenseAOR /
Melodic Rock
portugalThe Fuzz DriversSouthern Rock

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