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Country Artist Genre

ukR P L ASleaze Glam
czechR-Force80s Hard Rock
swedenR.A.W.80s Hard Rock
USAR.I.F.F.S. [CCM]80s Hard Rock
finlandR.O.C.K.80s Hard Rock
USAR.O.X.X.Melodic Metal
USAREO SpeedwagonAOR /
Melodic Rock
argentinaROXXInstrumental Wizards
ukROXSleaze Glam
Melodic Rock
germanyRPWLProg Rock
Melodic Rock
Melodic Rock
germanyRa's DawnProg Rock
germanyRabbit Hill80s Hard Rock
 Trevor RabinAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARace The Rat80s Hard Rock
USARacer X80s Hard Rock
USARachel Rachel [CCM]AOR /
Melodic Rock
USAStevie RachelleAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARadar80s Hard Rock
USARaddar80s Hard Rock
germanyRadiantMelodic Metal
USARadiation Romeos80s Hard Rock
USARadical DreamMelodic Metal
USARadio Active Cats80s Hard Rock
USARadio CultModern Hard Rock
USARadio ExileAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukRadio MoscowAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukRadio SilencePop AOR /
australiaThe Radio SunAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenRadioactiveAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARadiocraft80s Hard Rock
USARadioux City80s Hard Rock
USARafferty Rule80s Hard Rock
USARaftreeModern Hard Rock
australiaRagdoll80s Hard Rock
ukRagdollsSleaze Glam
USARagdoll80s Hard Rock
USARage and Beyond80s Hard Rock
USARage n' RoxAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukRage of AngelsAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARage of Angels [CCM]80s Hard Rock
ukRage80s Hard Rock
finlandThe Ragged Saints80s Hard Rock
USARaggedy Ann80s Hard Rock
USARaging SlabSouthern Rock
australiaRags 'n Riches80s Hard Rock
USARags80s Hard Rock
norwayRags80s Hard Rock
ukRaider80s Hard Rock
USARailjack Union80s Hard Rock
germanyRailroad80s Hard Rock
germanyRailway80s Hard Rock
USARailMelodic Metal
USARain ChequeAOR /
Melodic Rock
greeceRain Or Shine80s Hard Rock
germanyRain'N'SteelMelodic Metal
ukRainbow80s Hard Rock
germanyRaindancerAOR /
Melodic Rock
Melodic Rock
swissRainforce80s Hard Rock
swissRainheartAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyRainium80s Hard Rock
canadaRainlightAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARainlord80s Hard Rock
USARainmaker80s Hard Rock
swedenRainmakerAOR /
Melodic Rock
italyRaintimesAOR /
Melodic Rock
norwayRain80s Hard Rock
swedenRaise CainMelodic Metal
canadaRaised On Mars80s Hard Rock
USARaising Kane80s Hard Rock
japanRajas80s Hard Rock
franceRakel TraxxSleaze Glam
USAKevin RaleighPop AOR /
USARalph Graham and Day III [CCM]AOR /
Melodic Rock
Melodic Rock
USARamblerSouthern Rock
germanyRameshPop AOR /
USARamos-HugoAOR /
Melodic Rock
Melodic Rock
canadaRampageSleaze Glam
belgiumRamses80s Hard Rock
USARam80s Hard Rock
USARandall Zwarte Band80s Hard Rock
finlandRandom EyesMelodic Metal
australiaRandom FaithPop AOR /
germanyRandomMelodic Metal
USAThe Randy Coven BandInstrumental Wizards
USARandy Jackson's China Rain80s Hard Rock
USARandy Piper's AnimalMelodic Metal
USARange WarSleaze Glam
ukRankelsonSleaze Glam
USARansomAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukRansom80s Hard Rock
USARansom [CCM]80s Hard Rock
USARaquelSleaze Glam
USARash Behavior80s Hard Rock
denmarkRaspberry ParkAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARat Alley80s Hard Rock
swedenRat Bat Blue80s Hard Rock
USARat Knuckles80s Hard Rock
swedenRat PackSleaze Glam
USAThe Rat Race80s Hard Rock
USARat Rod80s Hard Rock
argentinaRata Blanca80s Hard Rock
USARatchet Dolls80s Hard Rock
canadaRated RAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARated X80s Hard Rock
USARated X80s Hard Rock
swissRated X80s Hard Rock
USARathskellerAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyRatpack80s Hard Rock
ukThe RattlebacksSleaze Glam
USARattlebone80s Hard Rock
USARattleboneMelodic Metal
USARattleface80s Hard Rock
USARattler80s Hard Rock
USARattleshake80s Hard Rock
ukRattlesnake Kiss80s Hard Rock
ukRattlesnake RemedySleaze Glam
USARattlesnake ShakeSleaze Glam
japanRattlesnake80s Hard Rock
USARattlin' Bones80s Hard Rock
USARatt80s Hard Rock
italyRatzmataz80s Hard Rock
finlandRautiainen P JPop AOR /
norwayMarion RavenModern Hard Rock
ukRaveneye80s Hard Rock
germanyRavenstine80s Hard Rock
USAThe RavynsAOR /
Melodic Rock
greeceRaw Silk AOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaRaw Trixx80s Hard Rock
USARawk Dawg80s Hard Rock
USARawk Kandy80s Hard Rock
USARawkon80s Hard Rock
swedenRawmaniaSleaze Glam
canadaRay Lyell And The StormAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARay Wheeler and The EdgeAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyRaygun Rebels80s Hard Rock
USAThe Raz80s Hard Rock
USARazamanaz80s Hard Rock
USARazor Baby80s Hard Rock
USARazor Ball80s Hard Rock
USARazor Kane80s Hard Rock
USARazor SharpAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARazor White80s Hard Rock
germanyRazorbackMelodic Metal
norwayRazorbats80s Hard Rock
USARazormaid80s Hard Rock
USARazzle80s Hard Rock
swissRazzle Boys80s Hard Rock
italyRazzle DazzleSleaze Glam
USARazzle80s Hard Rock
germanyRazzmattazzAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARaModern Hard Rock
USAThe Reach [CCM]AOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenReach80s Hard Rock
ukDavid Readman80s Hard Rock
USAReal Steel80s Hard Rock
USAReality Suite80s Hard Rock
USAReason's EdgeProg Rock
ukReasonProg Rock
swedenRebel GelAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARebel HeelsPop AOR /
ukRebel KingsMelodic Metal
brazilRebel Machine80s Hard Rock
canadaRebel Priest80s Hard Rock
USARebel StormSouthern Rock
italyRebel Toys80s Hard Rock
belgiumRebel's End80s Hard Rock
germanyRebelHotSouthern Rock
germanyRebelene80s Hard Rock
germanyRebellious Spirit80s Hard Rock
netherlandsRebelstar80s Hard Rock
USARebelSleaze Glam
brazilRec/AllMelodic Metal
USARecker80s Hard Rock
canadaReckless80s Hard Rock
canadaRecklessSleaze Glam
USAReckless80s Hard Rock
italyRecklessSleaze Glam
USAReckless Abandon80s Hard Rock
USAReckless Abandon80s Hard Rock
USAReckless Faith [CCM]AOR /
Melodic Rock
finlandReckless Love80s Hard Rock
canadaReckless YouthSleaze Glam
swedenReckless80s Hard Rock
USARecon [CCM]Melodic Metal
USARed 7Pop AOR /
swissRed Alert80s Hard Rock
germanyRed Balloon80s Hard Rock
canadaRed BaronMelodic Metal
netherlandsRed CinderAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARed Dawn80s Hard Rock
ukRed Dogs80s Hard Rock
USARed Dragon Cartel80s Hard Rock
canadaRed Eye Jack80s Hard Rock
swedenRed Fun80s Hard Rock
USARed Halo80s Hard Rock
germanyRed Heat80s Hard Rock
USARed Hush80s Hard Rock
USAThe Red LocustsAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyRed MoonAOR /
Melodic Rock
australiaRed PhoenixAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARed ReignMelodic Metal
canadaRed RiderAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARed Rock RoostersSouthern Rock
swedenRed RocketProg Rock
USARed Sea [CCM]Melodic Metal
USARed SirenAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARed Sky Mary80s Hard Rock
USARed SkyPop AOR /
canadaRed TapeAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARed Voodoo80s Hard Rock
ukRed White and Blues80s Hard Rock
USARed Zone Rider80s Hard Rock
swedenRobin RedAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukThe Redbeards80s Hard Rock
USARedemptionMelodic Metal
ukTroy Redfern80s Hard Rock
australiaRedhouse80s Hard Rock
canadaRedlight KingModern Hard Rock
USARedlineMelodic Metal
USARedlinerAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukRedline80s Hard Rock
austriaRedlockAOR /
Melodic Rock
greeceRedrum80s Hard Rock
russiaReds'Cool80s Hard Rock
netherlandsRedstacks80s Hard Rock
USARedstoneSouthern Rock
USARedstoneAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenRedstormMelodic Metal
USARedstripeAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAReece - Kronlund80s Hard Rock
USADavid ReeceAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyMarc Reece80s Hard Rock
USAReece80s Hard Rock
USADan ReedAOR /
Melodic Rock
USADizzy Reed80s Hard Rock
ukReef80s Hard Rock
denmarkEdward ReekersAOR /
Melodic Rock
finlandReflexionModern Hard Rock
USARefugee [CCM]80s Hard Rock
canadaRefugeeAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARefuge [CCM]AOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaRegattaAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARegent St. ClaireSleaze Glam
USAThe Reggie Knighton Band80s Hard Rock
USARegimeMelodic Metal
USAThe Regulators80s Hard Rock
USAReign of Sound80s Hard Rock
USAReignstorm80s Hard Rock
swedenReingoldMelodic Metal
USARelapsed80s Hard Rock
USARelay80s Hard Rock
swedenRemain The SameAOR /
Melodic Rock
australiaRemedy StoneAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenRemedy80s Hard Rock
USARenaissance Rock OrchestraProg Rock
swedenRenegade80s Hard Rock
swedenRenegade FiveModern Hard Rock
finlandRenegade RideProg Rock
canadaRenegadeAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaMike RenoAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAReporterAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenReptile SmileSleaze Glam
USAReputation80s Hard Rock
germanyRescueAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAResist and Bite80s Hard Rock
USAThe Resistance80s Hard Rock
canadaThe Respectables80s Hard Rock
USARestless80s Hard Rock
USARestless Souls80s Hard Rock
spainRestless Spirits80s Hard Rock
germanyRestless80s Hard Rock
puertoricoMario RestoPop AOR /
USAResurrection Kings80s Hard Rock
USAResurrection Mary80s Hard Rock
norwayReturnAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARev TheoryModern Hard Rock
USARevLover80s Hard Rock
franceRevenge80s Hard Rock
USARevenge80s Hard Rock
USAReverend JackSouthern Rock
Country Artist Genre

swedenRevertigo80s Hard Rock
ukRevival Black80s Hard Rock
peruRevlin ProjectAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARevlon RedSleaze Glam
USARevolution Child80s Hard Rock
USARevolution HazySleaze Glam
finlandRevolution RenaissanceMelodic Metal
swedenRevolution RiotSleaze Glam
italyRevolution Road80s Hard Rock
USARevolution Saints80s Hard Rock
swedenRevolver Eleven80s Hard Rock
canadaRevolver80s Hard Rock
austriaReward80s Hard Rock
USARewind80s Hard Rock
USARex Hunter80s Hard Rock
Melodic Rock
australiaJames ReyneAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARez [CCM]80s Hard Rock
swedenRhapsody Sweden80s Hard Rock
USARhino BucketSleaze Glam
USARhoadsMelodic Metal
USARhythm Circus80s Hard Rock
USARhythm House [CCM]AOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenRianAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyRiccochetMelodic Metal
canadaRiccoAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAThe Rich Kelly BandAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARich Kid Express80s Hard Rock
ukRich RagsSleaze Glam
USARichards CraneModern Hard Rock
USALandon RichardsAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAThe RichardsAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARichie Kotzen / Greg HoweInstrumental Wizards
USARichie Ranno Group80s Hard Rock
USARichrath Project 3:1380s Hard Rock
USARichrathAOR /
Melodic Rock
australiaRick Springfield-Jeff SilvermanAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARiddlemasterProg Rock
USARiddlerAOR /
Melodic Rock
netherlandsMichael RiesenbeckAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARif Raf80s Hard Rock
argentinaRiff80s Hard Rock
USARiff Raff80s Hard Rock
germanyRiff Raff80s Hard Rock
USARiff Raff80s Hard Rock
USARiff Raff80s Hard Rock
germanyRiff80s Hard Rock
Melodic Rock
USARightfully Accused80s Hard Rock
italyAlberto RigoniInstrumental Wizards
USARiizer80s Hard Rock
canadaRik Emmett and Resolution 980s Hard Rock
belgiumRik Priem's PrimeMelodic Metal
USARiley's L.A. GunsSleaze Glam
USARing of FireMelodic Metal
USARingleader80s Hard Rock
USARings of Saturn80s Hard Rock
canadaRiopelAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARiot Act80s Hard Rock
germanyRiot Act80s Hard Rock
USARiot Act80s Hard Rock
swedenRiot Horse80s Hard Rock
USARiotMelodic Metal
ukRioAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARip N Tear80s Hard Rock
finlandRise of Utopia80s Hard Rock
germanyRising Wings80s Hard Rock
USARisque80s Hard Rock
USARitualMelodic Metal
USARival80s Hard Rock
ukRiverdogs80s Hard Rock
philippinesRivermayaAOR /
Melodic Rock
polandRiversideProg Rock
USARiverstreetSouthern Rock
USARoad DawgsSouthern Rock
swedenRoad RattSleaze Glam
swedenRoad To RuinMelodic Metal
swissRoadfever80s Hard Rock
ukRoadhouseMelodic Metal
USARoadkill80s Hard Rock
italyRoadkill80s Hard Rock
USARoadmasterAOR /
Melodic Rock
multipleThe Roads80s Hard Rock
USARoadsaw80s Hard Rock
canadaRoadside AttractionAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukRoadstar80s Hard Rock
scotlandRoadway80s Hard Rock
norwayRoad80s Hard Rock
austriaRobby and the SplashAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAThe Robert Murdock BandAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAThe Robert Paul Band80s Hard Rock
swedenRobert Pehrsson's Humbucker80s Hard Rock
ukRobert Plant and the Strange Sensation80s Hard Rock
spainRobert Rodrigo Band80s Hard Rock
USADavid RobertsPop AOR /
USAKane Roberts80s Hard Rock
canadaRobin Black and the Intergalactic Rock StarsSleaze Glam
ukRobin George / Glenn Hughes80s Hard Rock
ukRobin George and Dangerous MusicAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaRobin TripAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukRobin Trower / Jack Bruce80s Hard Rock
USAJoe RobinsonMelodic Metal
germanyRobinAOR /
Melodic Rock
chileRobledoMelodic Metal
portugalRochaAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaRock Alliance80s Hard Rock
USARock Bottom80s Hard Rock
USARock Boulevard80s Hard Rock
USARock CandySleaze Glam
USARock City AngelsSleaze Glam
USARock City Machine Co80s Hard Rock
finlandRock FuelSleaze Glam
ukRock Goddess80s Hard Rock
germanyRock Ignition80s Hard Rock
USARock Island Orchestra80s Hard Rock
indiaRock MachineAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARock RoseAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARock Star Supernova80s Hard Rock
USARock Sugar80s Hard Rock
germanyRock Wolves80s Hard Rock
USARock'O80s Hard Rock
greeceAndy RockAOR /
Melodic Rock
USABobby RockInstrumental Wizards
 Rick Rock [CCM]AOR /
Melodic Rock
USARob Rock [CCM]Melodic Metal
swissRock-Out80s Hard Rock
USARockabye80s Hard Rock
finlandRockamaniaSleaze Glam
USARockamoraSouthern Rock
canadaRockarma80s Hard Rock
norwayRockaway80s Hard Rock
USARockbandModern Hard Rock
USARockborn80s Hard Rock
portugalPhill Rocker80s Hard Rock
spainRocket Queen80s Hard Rock
USARockets to Ruin80s Hard Rock
USARockets80s Hard Rock
swedenRockett Love80s Hard Rock
USARikki RockettSleaze Glam
swedenThe Rockford HeroesMelodic Metal
canadaRockhead80s Hard Rock
USAThe Rockit King80s Hard Rock
USARocknee80s Hard Rock
italyRockstar Frame80s Hard Rock
canadaRockupuncture80s Hard Rock
germanyJohn RockwellAOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaRodeo DrivePop AOR /
ukPaul Rodgers80s Hard Rock
USAThe Rods80s Hard Rock
USAKenny Rogers Jr.Pop AOR /
ukRogue MaleMelodic Metal
USARogueModern Hard Rock
USARok Hollywood80s Hard Rock
USARokboxAOR /
Melodic Rock
germanyRoko80s Hard Rock
USAScott RolafAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAGregg RolieAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAThe Roll80s Hard Rock
USARoller80s Hard Rock
southkoreaRolling QuartzModern Hard Rock
italyRolls DollsSleaze Glam
USARomantic Rebel80s Hard Rock
USARomeo DeliteSleaze Glam
USARomeo Riot80s Hard Rock
USAThe Romeo Slam80s Hard Rock
ukRomeo's DaughterAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARomeo's DeadSleaze Glam
Melodic Rock
USARonnie Romero80s Hard Rock
USARon Bolton BandAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARon E. Kayfield's Saints and Sinners80s Hard Rock
USARon Keel Band80s Hard Rock
USARon Keel's Fair Game80s Hard Rock
swedenMats RonanderAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARondinelli80s Hard Rock
italyRoom ExperienceAOR /
Melodic Rock
ukThe RoomProg Rock
USARoosterAOR /
Melodic Rock
spainRopa Sucia80s Hard Rock
canadaRay RoperAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARoq RoyaleAOR /
Melodic Rock
brazilRosa TattooadaSleaze Glam
argentinaRosacruzAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenChris RosanderAOR /
Melodic Rock
australiaRosanna's Raiders [CCM]80s Hard Rock
australiaRose Tattoo80s Hard Rock
USAJennifer Rose80s Hard Rock
USASharon RoseAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAMichael Ross80s Hard Rock
USAThe Rossington BandSouthern Rock
USARossington Collins BandSouthern Rock
USARossingtonSouthern Rock
USARoswell SixProg Rock
finlandRosy DreamSleaze Glam
germanyRosy Vista80s Hard Rock
USARoth Brock Project80s Hard Rock
USADavid Lee Roth80s Hard Rock
germanyUli Jon RothInstrumental Wizards
germanyRott Sox80s Hard Rock
ukRouenPop AOR /
germanyRough 'N Ready80s Hard Rock
USARough Cutt80s Hard Rock
swedenRough Diamonds80s Hard Rock
USARough House80s Hard Rock
USARough Justice80s Hard Rock
norwayRough JusticeAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARoughhouse80s Hard Rock
germanyRough80s Hard Rock
USARoulette80s Hard Rock
swedenRouletteAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARoulette80s Hard Rock
USARouletteAOR /
Melodic Rock
brazilRoupa NovaAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAJamie Rowe [CCM]80s Hard Rock
swedenSimon RoweAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARox Diamond80s Hard Rock
USARoxanneAOR /
Melodic Rock
australiaJuno Roxas80s Hard Rock
japanRoxcySleaze Glam
USARoxie 7780s Hard Rock
USARyan Roxie80s Hard Rock
USARoxster80s Hard Rock
australiaRoxus80s Hard Rock
ukRoxville80s Hard Rock
USARoxx GangSleaze Glam
USAMarya RoxxModern Hard Rock
germanyThe RoxxSleaze Glam
germanyRoxxess80s Hard Rock
USARoxxi80s Hard Rock
canadaRoxxlyde80s Hard Rock
USARoxxSleaze Glam
USARoxy Blue80s Hard Rock
USARoxy Lane80s Hard Rock
germanyRoy Last GroupInstrumental Wizards
swedenThe Royal Beggars80s Hard Rock
USARoyal Blood80s Hard Rock
USARoyal Court of China80s Hard Rock
brazilRoyal Dogs80s Hard Rock
swissRoyal FlushAOR /
Melodic Rock
denmarkRoyal HuntProg Rock
finlandRoyal Tramps80s Hard Rock
norwayRozarioMelodic Metal
USARoze80s Hard Rock
USARozy Coyote80s Hard Rock
canadaRubberMelodic Metal
USARubicon Cross80s Hard Rock
netherlandsRubiconAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARuby Faith and the Waiting WorldAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARuby SlippersSleaze Glam
swissRuckus80s Hard Rock
USADave Rude80s Hard Rock
canadaRude80s Hard Rock
serbiaRudy's JourneyAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAMichael RuffPop AOR /
USARuffyunz80s Hard Rock
USARufus Fontain80s Hard Rock
italyRuggeri Project80s Hard Rock
USARukkus80s Hard Rock
USARukkus80s Hard Rock
USARukus80s Hard Rock
USARumble Doll80s Hard Rock
USARumble Syndicate [CCM]Modern Hard Rock
USARumble Tribe80s Hard Rock
USARumbledogSleaze Glam
germanyRumble80s Hard Rock
USAThe Rumours80s Hard Rock
USAThe Runaway WildAOR /
Melodic Rock
USAThe Runaways80s Hard Rock
belgiumRunaway80s Hard Rock
USARunner80s Hard Rock
ukRunnerAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARunning The Risk80s Hard Rock
russiaRuscha [CCM]AOR /
Melodic Rock
canadaRushProg Rock
USAJack Russell80s Hard Rock
swedenRussellAOR /
Melodic Rock
USARussian Roulette80s Hard Rock
USARussiaAOR /
Melodic Rock
finlandRust n' Rage80s Hard Rock
swissRusted GunsSleaze Glam
canadaRusted80s Hard Rock
USAJames S. RutherfordAOR /
Melodic Rock
italyRuxtMelodic Metal
canadaBrett RyanAOR /
Melodic Rock
 Frank RyanAOR /
Melodic Rock
swedenRydell and Quick80s Hard Rock
USAJimmy RyserAOR /
Melodic Rock

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