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Search Results

The search found 163 CDs upon which Taka performed.

Musician Artist CD
Akira TakasakiLoudness
Akira TakasakiLoudness 8186 Live
Akira TakasakiLoudness Best Of Loudness 8688 - Atlantic Years
Akira TakasakiLoudness Biosphere
Akira TakasakiLoudness Breaking The Taboo
Akira TakasakiLoudness Disillusion
Akira TakasakiLoudness Dragon/Ghetto Machine
Akira TakasakiLoudness Engine
Akira TakasakiLoudness Eve to Dawn
Akira TakasakiLoudness Ghetto Machine
Akira TakasakiLoudness Heavy Metal Hippies
Akira TakasakiLoudness Hurricane Eyes
Akira TakasakiLoudness Hurricane Eyes - Japanese Version
Akira TakasakiLoudness Jealousy
Akira TakasakiLoudness King Of Pain
Akira TakasakiLoudness Lightning Strikes
Akira TakasakiLoudness Loud 'N' Rare
Akira TakasakiLoudness Loud 'N' Raw
Akira TakasakiLoudness Loudest Loudness
Akira TakasakiLoudness Loudness
Akira TakasakiLoudness Loudness World Tour 2018 - Rise To Glory - Live In Tokyo
Akira TakasakiLoudness Masters Of Loudness
Akira TakasakiLoudness Metal Mad
Akira TakasakiLoudness Never Stay Here, Never Forget You - Loudness Best Tracks
Akira TakasakiLoudness On The Prowl
Akira TakasakiLoudness Pandemonium
Akira TakasakiLoudness Racing
Akira TakasakiLoudness Rise To Glory
Akira TakasakiLoudness Rockshocks
Akira TakasakiLoudness Samsara Flight
Akira TakasakiLoudness Shadows of War
Akira TakasakiLoudness Soldier Of Fortune
Akira TakasakiLoudness Spiritual Canoe
Akira TakasakiLoudness Terror
Akira TakasakiLoudness The Birthday Eve
Akira TakasakiLoudness The Everlasting
Akira TakasakiLoudness The Law Of Devil's Land
Akira TakasakiLoudness The Sun Will Rise Again
Akira TakasakiLoudness Thunder In The East
Fumitaka AnzaiAir Pavilion The River/The Life
Hidehiko Ero TakabayashiUrghpolice Urgh!
Ishigara "Peak" YoshitakaSteppen The Blue Poizon Lover
Jone TakamakiJan Stenfors Vinegar Blood
Joni TakaloGuns Of Glory On The Way to Sin City
Joni TakaloGuns Of Glory Strafing Run
Kan TakahashiDiall Pierrot And Crime
Kazuhisa Roger TakahashiX-Ray Strike Back
Kazuhisa TakahashiX-Ray Performance
Kenichiro TakamatsuLadies Room Made In Sex
Manabu TakayaBlindman Being Human
Manabu TakayaBlindman Blindman
Manabu TakayaBlindman In The Dark
Manabu TakayaBlindman Live, Living, Alive!!
Manabu TakayaBlindman Pain For The Pleasure
Manabu TakayaBlindman Re-Rise
Manabu TakayaBlindman Sensitive Pictures
Manabu TakayaBlindman Soul Talks, Melodies Walk 1995-2003
Manabu TakayaBlindman Subconscious in Xperience
Manabu TakayaBlindman Turning Back
Masanori TakabayashiUrghpolice Urgh!
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness 8186 Live
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Best Of Loudness 8688 - Atlantic Years
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Biosphere
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Breaking The Taboo
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Disillusion
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Hurricane Eyes
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Hurricane Eyes - Japanese Version
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Jealousy
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Lightning Strikes
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Loud 'N' Rare
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Loud 'N' Raw
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Loudest Loudness
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Loudness
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Masters Of Loudness
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Metal Mad
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Never Stay Here, Never Forget You - Loudness Best Tracks
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness On The Prowl
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Pandemonium
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Racing
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Rockshocks
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Shadows of War
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Soldier Of Fortune
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Spiritual Canoe
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Terror
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness The Birthday Eve
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness The Everlasting
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness The Law Of Devil's Land
Munetaka HiguchiLoudness Thunder In The East
Munetaka HiguchiSly Dreams Of Dust
Munetaka HiguchiSly Key
Munetaka HiguchiSly Sly
Munetaka HiguchiSly Vulcan Wind
Sei TakahashiAcid Love Bites Acid Love Bites
Takafumi GotohThe Blue Scream All Night Burning
Takafumi KawashimaEric Martin Mr. Vocalist 3
Takafumi Ozuma UsuX-Ray Strike Back
Takafumi UsuiX-Ray Performance
Takahiro FujiyamaX-Ray Performance
Takahiro FujiyamaX-Ray Strike Back
Takahiro HashimotoKing of Darkness Triple Whammy
Takahiro SaitohDiall Pierrot And Crime
Takako SuzukiPink Sapphire Best For You - Single Collection
Takako SuzukiPink Sapphire Birthday
Takako SuzukiPink Sapphire From Me To You
Takako SuzukiPink Sapphire Happy Together
Takako SuzukiPink Sapphire P.S. I Love You
Takako SuzukiPink Sapphire Today and Tomorrow
Takamasa OhuchiAnthem Domestic Booty
Takamasa OhuchiAnthem Gypsy Ways
Takamasa OhuchiAnthem Heavy Metal Anthem
Takamasa OhuchiAnthem Hunting Time
Takamasa OhuchiAnthem No Smoke Without Fire
Takamasa OhuchiAnthem Prologue Live Boxx
Takamasa OhuchiAnthem The Show Carries On! - Complete Version
Takamasa OhuchiAnthem Tightrope
Takanobu KuritaUrghpolice Urgh!
Takanori NiidaTrans-Siberian Orchestra The Lost Christmas Eve
Takashi "Jam" O'HashiCats In Boots Kicked and Klawed
Takashi FukumuraRajas Play the Game
Takashi FukumuraRajas Turn It Up
Takashi Jam O'HashiCats In Boots Last Works
Takashi Jam OhhashiCats In Boots Demonstration (East Meets West)
Takashi O'hashiSlumlords Har-Dee-Har Har
Takayoshi KobayashTrash Gang I Cyguard
Takayoshi OhmuraTakayoshi Ohmura Emotions in Motion
Takayoshi OhmuraTakayoshi Ohmura Nowhere To Go EP
Takayoshi SuganoStill Alive No Reason To Pray
Takayuki "Kai" KaiEarthshaker Remains - Last Live
Takayuki HijikataSteffanie Hideaway
Takayuki HijikataSteffanie Pink Noise
Takayuki KaiEarthshaker Aftershock
Takayuki KaiEarthshaker Earthshaker
Takayuki KaiEarthshaker Fugitive
Takayuki KaiEarthshaker Midnight Flight
Takayuki KaiEarthshaker Passion
Takayuki KaiEarthshaker Pretty Good
Takayuki KaiEarthshaker Shaker's Shakies
Takayuki SaitohAzz Take It Easy
TakaForty Deuce Noting to Lose
TakaStill Alive Breakin' Everything
TakaStill Alive Dynamix
TakaWorld XXI World XXI
Taro TakahashiEZO Fire Fire
Taro TakahashiFlatbacker Feed
Taro TakahashiFlatbacker War
Tomotaka WamamotoTsunami (Old Metal) Tsunami
Yoshiro TakahashiAction (Japan) Hot Rox
Yoshiro TakahashiAction (Japan) Hyper Best - 20th Anniversary
Yoshiro TakahashiAction (Japan) Mystic Blue
Yoshirou TakahashiAction (Japan) Dou
Yoshirou TakahashiAction (Japan) Heart Raiser
Yoshirou TakahashiAction (Japan) Interaction
Yoshirou TakahashiAction (Japan) Movin' And Rockin'
Yoshirou TakahashiAction (Japan) Overload
Yoshirou TakahashiAction (Japan) Warning In The Night
Yoshirow TakahashiAction (Japan) Guilty Rose
Yoshitaka DegawaBodyaux Bodyaux
Yoshitaka MikuniAnthem Gypsy Ways
Yuliko TakadaMarty Friedman Wall of Sound
Yusuke TakahamaAnthem Burning Oath
Yutaka MinobeSons of Angels (Japan) Thrill Of The Feel
Yutaka SuzukiMarchosias Vamp In Kazmidity
Yutaka UeharaSteffanie Pink Noise

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